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  • HoolioCZ - Best daily moisturizer I've ever used

    Best daily moisturizer I've ever used! This is my fifth bottle. After just a month of using this, I stopped breaking out and it's been six years since! It controls oily skin and it has very little specks of shimmer (don't worry you can barely see it) that makes your skin look flawless. There is a slight herbally scent but you can't smell it after a minute or so. It works great under makeup because it isn't oily.

  • Lucinda N. Brown - no complaints

    My son recommended these headphones. I had purchased two pairs previously for about the same money, and honestly, they were both awful. I was getting read to bite the bullet and buy a more expensive pair, when he suggested that I purchase the TaiTronics. I did and I'm perfectly happy with them. First of all, they were a breeze to pair with the bluetooth, the sound is great and the charge lasts for hours. I like the magnet feature that keeps the headphones around your neck when you aren't using them. Great product, decent price... Look no further, for the price, these can't be beat.

  • Augusta - Threlac saved my life!

    I have used Threelac for 5 years. I was diagnosed with systemic Candidiasis by two different Doctors. One did not know how to treat me, the other one did. After 6 months of high doses of nystatin(8) daily, dyflucan (30 days) and pro-biotics, magnesium, Garlic (9) daily among other things and a very strict diet. I had only barely improved. I was bed ridden. It had attacked my organs and affected by cognitive abilities. I had many tests including a cat. scan. I told my doctor I was not better and he said I've done all I can for you. To take anymore drugs could cause liver damage. I did extensive research and read doctors' journals and the CDC info on my condition. I found threelac! It is the only thing that work. I spent thousands on other things to no avail. I was diagnosed cured by my new Doctor when we moved 2 years age but a caught a bacterial infection. I had to do the antibiotic thing and the Candida has returned. I'm treating again and doing great! Thanks to treelac & fivelac.

  • Addisen Willett - IPhone 5s

    Even though I can't take advantage of the quick charge, this battery is still great. I'm getting about 5 full charges out of it and it barely heats up. Sure, it takes about 8 hours to fully charge and is roughly double the weight of my phone but for it's price, it's a great deal.

  • Sara - Passion, Intrigue, Suspense and Mystery: Big Bad Wolf is Big, Bad and Good

    It’s always been each other for Hayley and Luke, even though they took different paths after high school. Luke, who graduated a couple years earlier, went off to college, while Hayley went to NYC to culinary school. When Hayley’s Grandmother (Grams) – her only surviving family member – passes away, she returns to Willow Creek to live in her house and start a bakery in her hometown. Hayley has also just broken up with her boyfriend, Nick, and is quick to be consumed by memories of Luke, the love that never, ever left her heart. Hayley happens to run into Luke at the grocery store on her first night back in town, and senses that Luke isn’t the same guy he was the last time she saw him. Luke’s brother, Chris, also happens to be dating Hayley’s best friend from high school, Stacy. It seems like old times when those three come to visit Hayley, but Stacy admits that things aren’t the same – while she was gone to NYC, the brothers’ sister, Julie, was murdered and Luke went to prison for killing the guy who raped and murdered his sister.