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  • Radio Guy - Pretty Awesome.

    Gave this as a gift to my mom for Christmas. She loves the beach so I thought it'd be a fun gift. Everyone loved it. Fun watching full grow adults look at it drift through their fingers like they're on acid.

  • Jheneya - Worth the investment

    We bought this generator over a year ago and finally had the misfortune to have to use it last night due to a power outage in our neighborhood. We dusted it off, filled it with gas, and started it up and I'm happy to say it worked perfectly! We were able to run our refrigerator, one air conditioner, a large lamp, and charge our phones without any problems. It lasted until the power came on, which was about 6 hours and it still had about 25% gas left in the tank. It is quite loud, but it wasn't any louder than the other generators that were also on in our neighborhood. I'm just grateful we had some light and comfort and didn't have to worry about our food spoiling. Things were almost "normal" during the outage. This was a worthy investment.

  • Frank H. Straus - The suspense builds and builds

    The suspense is real - it is cold as ice - and it builds and builds, in Lansing's superb retelling, until the final climax.

  • chris - Well made, easy install , good reception

    Easy to install. I have a 2015 explorer sport. Stock antennae would bang on garage door when entering and leaving. You simply unscrew stock antennae and screw the stubby right in. Week made out of aluminum and powder coated black. No difference in radio reception either.

  • Krystal Damare - It doesn't mop evenly and is definitely better suited to very small areas

    This mop is for very short people with a small amount of flooring. I'm 5'4 and had to hunch slightly to use it. It doesn't mop evenly and is definitely better suited to very small areas. The hand 'crank' is hard enough to detach that water sprinkles everywhere and the mop head is very small. It doesn't hold water well so you have the choice between wringing wet and too dry. This is a cheaply made mop and I would not advise using it for anything bigger than small areas. Cleaning the floor by hand would actually be preferable to this mop. It sucks.


    AWFUL HORRIFIC RIDICULOUS customer service. Over 2 hours, 9 techs multiple "disconnects" and finally finally I got the product cancelled because nothing should be this hard to get worked out! Do not even bother, this product will never be any good until the Geek Squad gets rid of the idiots running their phone systems. It is not cheap either!