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  • DM1981 - Good luck on your return

    I became excited when I saw the commercial and thought "cool concept". Reality after trying this item, use your oven and your BBQ. As said in previous reviews, the food comes out rubbery and looks uncooked. When I would make chicken, it would come out tough and lack taste (even when seasoned). The only product I didn't mind making much on this product was Pizza.

  • Amazon Customer - loved it at one time

    I am not really sure why the publisher decided to limit the number of device types available for this subscription. I have an Android tablet (Xoom) and was a paying customer for this magazine but one day it stopped downloading with the error message saying that the magazine was no longer compatible with my device type. This is so frustrating! Why limit the device types to the kindle fire and the ipad ? Is this another one of those backroom deals between Apple and Amazon and the books/publishers to control what people can get and on what device they want you to buy. I know the formatting was fine for the Android platform, I was paying for it and enjoyed it while it lasted. It is a shame. A shame to have people that are willing to pay for a product and be denied access to it do to publishers opting out of providing the service do to device type biases. I might as well just pirate the issues and save the money, which is just as easy as paying for it. Shame on you publishers!

  • Lord of The Chavs - Bummer

    I put this away with my other T-shirts and before you know it it had devoured my Three Sheep T-Shirt.

  • Samuel - CQ CQ DE KA9PAZ... Gordon West is the best!

    Gordon West is a fantastic teacher for Ham Radio! After about ten hours of study, I passed my Tech ticket with only ONE answer wrong. I'm now studying for my General. He'll even send you a really nice certificate and small goodie package in the mail as a congrats if you send him a SASE envelope.

  • Susan Anderson - Not What I Expected

    I've read at least 4 of Jorge Cruse's books before this one. I bought it with confidence, based on previous positive reactions to his information. But this one was awful! There is no content at all! After the first few short chapters the book is just a picture book. He swaps fast food for remakes using his preferred products. But there is no shortage of fat or sodium in his recipes! I was very disappointed and I would not tell anyone who was seriously looking for a helpful food plan to use this one. There are much better, effective plans out there from any of the other well-known trainers who have been seen on TV.

  • shade - Forget Hunger

    I'm currently struggling with my weight and binge eating disorder. My will power with food is very poor , so I've decide to give these supplements a go. First time taking just one pill and I was able to forget to eat a meal. As far as fat burning, I don't think this honestly does anything directly to the fat in the body. But technically ,this supplement allows you to go along with eating less and everyone knows eating less equals less weight and fat.