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  • Ernie Lautsch - best tax time asset.

    While I use Turbo Tax, it really doesn't cover everything, or won't tell you all your deductions. J.K. Lasser's is the best. Over the years, this book has proved to be far superior over all the other books out there. The best part, it also explains why you can or cannot do things with your taxes.

  • Conservative Okie - How many want their money back on Obama ?

    I am somewhat amused by all those that have given this movie a 1 star rating and I will bet 98% are democrats who have not even seen it . They just come here and trash it because they love Obama and he can do no wrong in their eyes. I and my wife watched this movie a couple weekends ago . Dinesh uses a LOT of Obama in his own words . Obama recorded his own audio for his book Dreams FROM My Father. Dinesh uses Obamas own voice in the reading of that book to reveal what and who Obama is . This is why I find it amusing the left call it all lies and propaganda ... when their lord and savior Obama tells you this stuff in his own book. Do they feel Obama lied in his own book and his own words? If you feel it is all lies and propaganda , you should truly feel Obama IS lies and propaganda. Why hate on Dinesh for simply allowing Obama to tell his own story ?

  • Ashley - I'm so excited this works!

    I've only used it twice and I'm already excited about these results! I can definitely see the difference and I can't wait until day ten. The only problem I have is that I drool a lot when I'm using it lol. But I don't even care because the results are awesome!

  • Grady Kuhnline - This movie was really funny, but there's no central conflict

    This movie was really funny. It's a good time but there's really no depth. There's absolutely no central conflict, everything is just a series of moments without almost no correlation to each other. The final sequence was the worst part -- overly long, absolutely no stakes and it's all over just as quickly as it began. The biggest departure from the original Ghostbusters is the lack of build. Gone is any talk of keymasters and gatekeepers. Gone is the epic boss battle with marshmallow man. In the original you're not really sure if they're going to make it out. They replaced suspense and tension with overly powerful weapons and a battle sequence that is impossible to follow. The ghosts never really posed any threat. The jokes were funny, but the special effects are a poor stand-in for real human drama.

  • nick8785 - Be careful

    There was no way for me to redeem the 3 month free trial because the Leaflet was not inside of the game. I'm highly upset with this purchase!!!!