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  • Dwayne Burball - Big Ideas and Big Heart for Small Readers

    Not only is this a cute book with wonderful illustrations and a great message about everything being relative and the differences in perspective between people (or fuzzy bears), but it also happens to be the first real book my kindergartner read cover to cover completely on his own (aside from Bob Books and such). He's read it dozens of times and the illustrations still crack him up as if he's seeing them for the first time again. Especially the ending, which he loves.

  • Sarah - Can't live without this with my two dogs

    Can't live with out it! I have two male small dogs that refuse to give up their marking behavior (both fixed, sigh!) and we always have a bottle of Nature's Miracle.

  • Heidi Faulkner - KSCAT

    If you want to make hands-free calls while driving or just need your hands for other tasks, you need a solid Bluetooth headset.

  • Andrew - Fits a lot and easy to use

    I purchased this because I have a lot of messenger bags and I didn't want to purchase another full messenger bag for the sole purpose of carrying my cameras.

  • dogowner - Absolutely do not buy this. Rip Off

    It is a horrible idea. Do not buy it! You don't own anything. You are renting to use the software on a monthly subscription basis. Once the subscription is out, or you cancel it or stop paying, then that software is inaccessible to you. It is a huge slap to the face for all designers who use PhotoShop for their profession. I have lost a ton of respect for Adobe now that they have done this.

  • Charles Sindelar - The magic is gone (?)

    I was introduced to Zanfel about a decade ago by my mother, who has been hypersensitive to poison ivy her whole life but said that this product was the first on that could reverse the symptoms after they occurred. Several times since then I used Zanfel, after getting a poison ivy rash, and saw the rash subside within a few days- it truly seemed like a miracle.