Review: Автоматизация мобильных сотрудников - - это «облачный» сервис для автоматизации торговых команд и контроля действий и перемещений выездных сотрудников.

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  • MACAYLA - The book is an interesting review of how habits serve ...

    The book is an interesting review of how habits serve as a fundamentally different type of recall than we typically think of when we talk about of memory. The author thinks that habits are effectively subroutines that operate below our consciousness and allow us to process tasks and ideas without using as much higher order thinking – which creates mental efficiency. This summary was concise and had a smooth flow. There were enough examples to clarify the key takeaways and make them memorable.

  • Magic - Fast shipping

    I definitely recommend this seller. I swear I had the product the next day!! I know I can get these for free at the bank, but I have trouble getting out, so for the price, this was great! Thank you!!

  • gasholer - it would have been useful if they just made it as a podcast or ...

    This pack comes with 6 cds of audio book, which combined together is less than 500mb...really??!?..CD player is out would have been useful if they just made it as a podcast or made it available as part of the online access!!

  • Amazon Customer - Love this product................!

    Love this product, it is pricy against other similar products but if you want a natural looking sunless tan this is the product for you and in my opinion worth the money. Like all sunless tanning lotion it is very important to have clean and well moisturised skin prepped some days before attempting to apply any tanning lotion or the results will be uneven with the lotion drying darkest on some of your most dry skin around ankles,feet, elbows, knees, and fingers which is a dead giveaway! I apply with a tan glove that you can pick up online or on the High Street, saves on making the mistake of getting it all over your palms which you can't get off!! Tan Physics is the best I have tried to date and I've been experimenting with different tanning lotions for years. give away nasty niff of fake tan which is a definite bonus, it has a pleasant and mild smell, almost undetectable. After applying 2 days in a row I now have a nice hint of a sun tan look to my skin and as the weather warms up I can apply every now and then to top up without looking orange and/or unnatural for this time of the year. My skin type is very fair.

  • CTMom - Perfect for Lego Lovers

    This a great advent calendar for the Lego lovers in your family. We've gotten these in the past & they are always full of small, quick activities & Lego "sets" that will integrate with your existing Lego City pieces so the kids can use them for a long time to come. Lego never goes out of style from the oldest to the youngest kid at heart.

  • Damon Overboe - OK value. Not great, not terrible.

    It worked pretty well. I was replacing a Black & Decker blender that was going out. As it was failing, I started to use a Black & Decker food processor first. I wanted a faster and simpler process