SNPCAR - Societatea Nationala de Neurologie si Psihiatrie a Copilului si Adolescentului din Romania - SNPCAR are ca obiective realizarea, apararea si promovarea activitatilor legate de asistenta, cercetarea si invatamantul de profil in domeniul neurologiei si psihiatriei copilului si adolescentului.

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  • ann aquino - fun.

    A great book for when you want something to read but not devote all your attention to. It would have been perfect when I was receiving chemo, for instance. Also good while waiting in the doctors office or airport.

  • Amazon Customer - Finally some relief!!

    I've had reflux for the last 5 years or so. I had an incident where a doctor prescribed me strong antibiotics and high does of Naproxen which is a anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). I know without a doubt that this is what triggered the worst symptoms I've ever had. My heart burn was so bad that I regularly felt like I could not breath and the stomach acid was constricting my throat. I recently went to a doctor who prescribed me a popular PPI drug. I was immediately handed samples and encouraged to switch from my OTC one I was taking. Long story short, I had all kinds of side affects from these drugs. My symptoms would subside for awhile, however, they would always come back with a vengeance! I started researching natural remedies to treat my acid reflux. This book connected the dots for me. It made way too much sense. In the book Dr. Wright contends that most people who suffer actually have too little stomach acid, not too much! He mentions in the book that if you ingest something acidic, and your symptoms get better, then most likely, you suffer from low stomach acid. I already had some apple cider vinegar (Braggs) in the house so I started taking it before each meal. Immediately I experienced relief! My symptoms have subsided. I am so grateful for this book. It literally has given me my quality of life back! For a long time I was totally consumed and dragged down by the awful symptoms I was having. Thank you Dr. Wright for writing this book! Take the time to read it! Much of the conventional wisdom when it comes to treating digestive issues is flat out wrong. If what you thought to be true turned out not to be, when would you want to know about it?