Sociedad Colombiana de Pediatría - SCP - La Sociedad Colombiana de Pediatría - SCP es la agremiación pediátrica que reúne el mayor número de especialistas en Colombia, única con reconocimiento nacional e internacional.

Country:, North America, US

City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Southcityca - WOW, Much much better than last year!!!

    You can listen to this album over, and over, and over. All the tracks are great, and they vary in musical style. Wonderful for long trips, when I set the player on "random track".

  • Floyd DaBarber - Quicken 2011 = Bug-filled Bloatware (as usual)

    All software has bugs in it, and so it is sometimes necessary to release software before one has all defects fixed 100%. And all companies deserve to sometimes override customer comfort in favor of the bottom line. But Quicken does both in such a ham-handed and amateur way that they have become the poster child for mediocrity, bloatware, and authoritarian mandatory upgrades.

  • Phalanx - Stay Away

    Despite all of the warnings from other users, I purchased this product as an "upgrade" to 2013. It installed and updated my file fine, which is the best I can say about it. Not only is this product as unwieldy as 2013, it also introduces new bugs. For example, the product presents a home view with charts that take up less than 10% of a chart window (this leaves tons of wasted white space). As another example, I have a 401(k) account that has been in Quicken for years, which can now download transactions. When I click on "Set up download" for this existing account, the program forces me to setup a new 401(k) account instead setting up online access for the existing account. Beyond these errors, the 2014 program still suffers from the same processing and interface issues as the older 2013 program. In short, this is a poorly designed, and even more poorly executed, product.

  • Amazon Customer - Please MS Stop With The Gimmickry

    I wrote a review of this product a few months ago that dinged it pretty hard. I had purchased it, tried it and shelved it. I took it off the shelf after someone challenged me to try working with it and to review it again. Well, not much has improved in my thinking. A few things are a little more convenient (after you get accustomed to them) but overall the program is a drag on time consumption and ease for writers (authors). The 'ribbon' is okay, but it takes up room so in the end I dump it (hide it) and work without it until I need to use it. I convert books to eBooks and at that time the Ribbon is okay, but not more efficient than Microsoft 2000, actually making hyperlinks in 2000 within a document or to the Net is a ton easier in MS Word 2000 than in this version. For some reason Microsoft must have felt that hyperlinks should be made as difficult as Adobe makes them in InDesign. MS Word 2010 provides a neat image compression button for Web use and eBook use but does not resize them, so in the end I use Photoshop for that. BTW, you can resize the image for your local printer, but that does not resize it for the Web or eReaders. IMHO, 2010 is better than 2007 but fails to improve on Word 2000 and is therefore, just another change for marketing purposes and not necessarily for those who need to create material. I have Microsoft Office 2000, Word 2003 and Word 2007. I dumped 2003 and 2007 (uninstalled them) and now use MS 2000 for the bulk of my work. I have kept MS Word 2010 installed, but find that I don't gravitate to it, simply because my time is too valuable to put up with the geeky stuff.

  • FLConsumer - Real Deal!

    Finally the grass seeds that would grow fast and furious. I have noticed the first grass coming out only after 24 hours, 5 days later entire area shows green young grass. I will add more after few weeks after I see how it looks when matures. So far so good. I put some Scott's coated grass, and nothing grew out of that...I would recommend Jonathan Green to anybody.

  • B. Murphy - Burns only a little, if you leave it on for too long!

    I used this on my bikini line, and my lady parts. Be careful ladies that you do not leave it on after 8 minutes and follow all directions or you will get a nasty burning rash feel for the next couple of days!!!!!!!!!

  • Nina - Publisher 2010 Software Review

    I like that the pages are able to be viewed on the side bar. When working on a 45 page directory it was very helpful for content placement.