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  • Valencia McClatchey - So far it's great!

    I was able to put it together myself, having the bolts/ etc in proper place helped! I had no issues with damaged or missing parts. Looking forward to both my husband & myself to get back to healthy especially now that winter is coming.

  • Sheila Washington - More curls Please!

    This stuff works on my hair which is 4a, b, and c you really have to take your time and work the product into your hair, and WALL-LA!!! curls everywhere!

  • D. in NH - repeat user

    I use this year after year and recommend it. Just wish updates were ready a little sooner and it was a little easier to get to a specific point in the form.

  • SReeves - Webroot Support

    What I really loved when installing this is that I e-mailed Webroot support & they e-mailed me back within just a few hours. They walked me through every step of fixing my problem, and were very prompt on their replies. Another thing I loved is that they gave me step-by-step directions and asked me to let them know if that helped or not. I would definitely recommend this program, I've been using Webroot ever since I got my laptop and it works great.

  • Rollie Willan - It Does What It Says!!!

    I agree with others who have reviewed it. It is slick and easy ti set up. I'm using it as an extender in a lower level. My router is upstairs. The Almond signal completely out paced my router signal throughout the entire house. I have a WiFi app which measures all "area" signals . . . neighbors as well as my own. In addition, I now have a signal 30-40 ft. into the back yard. Very pleased.

  • Garage Junkie - Mystery stuff for your car.......

    Wonder chemicals are really hard for me to rave about. It seems that it would take a lifetime and an analytical approach to actually get this right. Instead, I'll just answer questions about my results. Pour half a bottle into the oil and lifter noise went away. Add a bottle to the gas and a slight miss fire disappeared. Maybe if I inhale the fumes I'll be able to talk to ghosts....... It's good stuff.