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Preparación para Emergencias - Prepárate. ¡Puede Pasar! - El programa de preparación para una emergencia del Área Estadística Combinada de Illinois, Indiana y Wisconsin tiene el objetivo común de motivar a individuos a preparar un plan para emergencias y situaciones catastróficas. Cuando suceda ¿usted cree tener tiempo para Informarse, prepararse, y estar listo? ¡Prepárese ahora!

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Martha - Yes! is Great

    This is a wonderful product and I love it because it works, can be recharged, and keeps on working. Never a hurt with the new Yes no matter where you use it. Some products I've used, I use it once and then it dies but not with the Yes. Thank you so much for producing such a great product.

  • Dinakar Sarma - They do exactly what they say they'll do: ease ...

    They do exactly what they say they'll do: ease the pain. The medicine flows through your system and passes right through the kidneys and into your bladder. An azo dye is a very heavy compound, and will likely be the heaviest thing in your bladder. This will cause it to carry the medicine down to the urethra rather efficiently. Out it goes through the urethra, sending soothing relief all through.

  • Good Man named Mike - It works, what can I say. Better than you expect it to be, for sure!

    Have a teenager who was sick as a dog. Red eyes, coughing, runny nose, etc. The only thing he did was rub this on the bottom of his feet and put socks on and went to bed. 2 days later 100% cured. He swears by this. No other cough syrups, tablets or anything else needed.