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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • denizhan - Very good

    It was right time delivered and right present for my child with age 10. It was good covered and excelent condition delivered. Its really good funny for all in family.

  • Ronald Hinton - You need a real joint injury to notice results....

    I am a 100% disabled veteran with spinal fracture and long term joint-lock at the beltline. I drank a dozen cans in less than two weeks. My chiropractor was able to unlock a vertebrae that had not moved for years with a single adjustment. Apparently this product works.

  • Tom E. DeShovelle - Maybe his best All Starr BAND

    I've had the pleasure of attending every single All Starr Band tour since 1989, seeing each line up, hearing the great songs, and have collected every CD and DVD release from them. Further, I was privileged to have attended this very show at the Ryman in July of 2012.

  • Amazon Customer - and the case is awesome!

    i recently purchased this case and received a iPhone 6 plus on accident. my fault... however, this seller has helped me out so much by sending out another case to me. they were so helpful!!!!! and the case is awesome!

  • Mellisa Johnson - Obsessed with Too Faced Shadow Insurance!

    I have oily eye lids and even with many primers the oil sops it up and my eye makeup disappears! If I go out partying and end up drinking a bit too much and fall asleep before washing my eye make-up off, it still looks great in the morning.. some of it is on my pillow but it's not smeared all over my face! This is PERFECT for those who don't wear make-up on the rest of their face and probably don't use any other skin primers like me..

  • pure241 - Streaming video is choppy on a 47" TV

    I bought this unit because I didn't want to go through the hassle of building a Mini-ITX (really small) PC for streaming movies on my living room TV. When streaming from YouTube at 1080p (even 720p) playback is choppy/frame rate seems low. This unit seems underpowered to do the one thing it was probably designed to do. Also, I didn't want to spend more money adding additional memory. Unless you're looking for a tiny PC to only surf the web and that's it, I'd avoid the VivoPC. Aesthetically, the brushed silver clashes with all the black devices on my entertainment unit.

  • Steven McKenna - I did not like this product. It did not work

    did not like this product at all. It did not work for me. Took the product for 3 weeks and did not suppress my appetite or help with cravings. I would advise you to avoid this product. I was very leery when the same day I received the product I was getting emails asking me to review the product and I would get a free bottle of something. I waited to take the product for several weeks before I reviewed and found out the product is junk. This product probably has a 5 star rating because consumers rate the product right away to get a free product. Be careful