Psycle - Welcome - Psycle offers a high intensity, low impact, head to toe workout on a bike. The studio is located at 76 Mortimer Street, London W1W.

Country:, North America, US

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  • Amazon Customer - Buy one now

    I love this car. I haven't owned a car since 2009, and this was the only car on the market that could make me buy another vehicle. It was worth the wait.

  • Charles Boston - Solid bike

    This is a pretty solid bike for the price. At 6' 00" with 32.5" inseam, this bike is the right size. However, if you are shorter than 5' 11", you may want to consider the medium size (even though Diamondback size chart says 5' 10" is ok) as this bike runs a bit large. It DOES NOT include the assembly tools (confirmed!!). Assembly was pretty easy, but you can't go by the absolutely useless instruction book (look to their website for guidance instead). Most of the bike was already assembled. After 1 hour basic assembly, I had brake noise on rear brake/rotor and noise from chain rubbing against the front derailleur. Knowing absolutely nothing about bikes, it took several youtube videos and another 3 hour to fine tune it. This included adjusting rear brake pad position, rear brake cable tension, and bending the rear rotor just a bit. On the front derailleur, I adjusted tension as well as the high and low limit on front derailleur. They seemed pretty difficult at first, but once you get through it, it will be much easier if you need to do it again. I then made sure that everything was tight and secure, in case someone at the factory was incompetent. Now it shifts very quickly, smoothly and quietly. The brakes stop effectively with no noise at all.

  • EarthyLDSgirl - This worked great at breaking up the toilet paper that was often ...

    This worked great at breaking up the toilet paper that was often clogging my toilet, but what really worked was taking the toilet off the floor and figuring out that there was a piece of plastic blocking the large drain hole in the floor.

  • David and Stephanie Morgan - awesome MP3 player

    I ordered the Acee Deal 8 GB MP4/MP3 player with cross button mini USB port. I ordered this MP3 player because I liked the various options it offered. I really like the sound that the MP3 player produces when I listen to my music, it is crisp and clear. Uploading songs is a breeze and very easy for anyone with any type of computer knowledge. I like that I can put a shopping list onto the MP3 player using the .txt format and then open it up at the grocery store so I have my list right there. My wife always sends me to get “a few things” and I somehow always forget something. Now I can go to the grocery store for my wife and know that I am not going to forget anything and have to make a return trip. I like the fact that it’s a rechargeable battery too. It comes with earphones and a USB cable so charging, syncing, and listening are all taken care of. Overall the Acee Deal 8 GB MP3/MP4 player is a great product that is made well and I would recommend to all.

  • MsProspero - can't get it to load on Windows 8 - which it was designed for

    Supposedly for Windows 8 and for mobile devices -- haven't been able to get it to load on any machine, including my Lenovo Windows 8 laptop, let alone on a mobile device. Keep getting the message "not compatible" -- to be fair, I haven't called Norton's support team about it yet -- but I really shouldn't have to. Glad I only paid the sales price for it.

  • M. Joseph young - Life changing!!!!!!!

    After I bought this cable, I lost 30 pounds! This incredible cable gave me more length and girth, and I'm more attractive to women!

  • nirupama - Network disconnects with this modem..

    I am having lot of connectivity issues after i installed this modem, Comcast technician came home couple of times and confirmed there were no drops from their side.