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  • Amazon Customer - Not as good as I hoped.

    This compuer is pretty slow. Loses connection with wlan. Was able to gain some speed by deleting McAfee. NOTE: You cannot do this: Memory:: (Memory RAM Expandable To 8 GB) . No. The RAM is built in. There is no expansion slot.

  • Javier Olmos - Dont buy on amazon. buy from a trusted distributor.

    My advice. Don't buy it off of the advocare 24 day challenge is not a lose weight fast diet plan. it is intended to act like an oil change for your body. The products are great but it's also a life style change that comes with it advocare is a nutrition company. Not a wieght loss company. Therefore weight loss is a bi-product. I've done it twice with the help of my buddy and sponsor that sold It it to me. He held me accountable. designed the bundle to what my body and system needed and I had great results. First Time I Lost 6lbs AND 2 % Body fat. Second Time I Lost 18lbs Put On 6 lbs Of Muscle AND dropped 5% Body fat. The key is to continue the "MAX" phase on day 25 and so on. Again it's not a losweight quick gimmic but overtime you do have great results. My recommendation find someone who does the business and that you trust and let them guide you. if you don't know one, feel free to message me.

  • Flight Switch Panel - Flight Switch Panel

    The item offers a inexpensive opportunity to add additional realism to a training environment. Nicely mounts on top of the Saitek yoke assembly. Note, I say 'on top' which makes things a little different then the real world environment. But, still okay.

  • Michelle G - A must have!

    This Ohuhu Expandable Hitch Tray Cargo Carrier is crazy awesome! It has so much room inside it. The quality of this cargo carrier is out of this world good. I use it on my roof when needed. This is perfect for when I am doing craft shows. I know have more room to put my stuff. I have always wanted extra storage space and now I have it. I have a 7 passenger vehicle but if we go on a trip, the car gets full extremely fast. We are having to cram all of our luggage in it with no room to spare. This tray cargo is such a convenient thing to have. We can now put stuff in it when we travel. I definitely recommend!