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  • The Reader - Best cold medicine ever!!!

    I purchased this product in Germany recently. Both times I have tried it I started taking the medicine at the first signs of a cold: runny nose, sore throat. You take one capsule in the AM, one at lunch and one at dinner for no more than 7 days. Best to take for 30 minutes BEFORE eating. Both times I used it my symptoms stopped within 3 days and I stopped taking it. Its the best cold medicine I have ever used!!!!!

  • Mom of three - LOVE IT!!!

    First of all I bought this because of the reviews I read on here, and that it was exactly like wen. Well, I have never used Wen, but it seems like this would be like it by the descriptions I have read about Wen and seen on commercials. Either way, I love this stuff!!! I have dry, colored hair, and once I get it passed a certain point of length, no matter what it always seems like it becomes very damaged and just nasty looking at the ends, plus it gets very frizzy from breakage. I dont think this is a miracle worker product, and I do still have some frizz/fly away hairs, but after using the product my hair was definitely softer and shinier. I was worried it would start getting greasy looking, or feeling filmy after a few "washes", but nothing of the sort so far and I have been using it for about 3-4 weeks now, which I have actually only had to wash my hair 3 times. It does require a lot of product to wash my hair, but I am washing it way less, so it evens out. I have also started using this on both of my daughter's hair, they both have fine hair, unlike me, and not colored/damaged (they are 2 and 4), and the product does not make their hair greasy either, but much softer, and zero tangles after bath time which is heaven sent!

  • Amazon Customer - Great products and great results!

    I started using Skinbright a few months ago to lighten age spots and freckles on my hands and face. I'm more than happy with the results and would recommend this product to anyone with "problem" spots that they'd like to correct. I'm sure everyone's skin is different, but I experienced zero sensitivity or drying, only the results I was hoping for!

  • Barb B. - Great collection this year! A must-have if you love short stories

    Interestic, eclectic collection of stories, to the point where I have gone and researched some of the authors so I can buy some of their other work. This is a better collection than others I have read in past years although I do love them all. This one IMO is exceptional.

  • Embo - Super fast healing!

    I absolutely love this lotion! I recently got a medium-size tat which ran over my wrist onto my hand and involved a fair amount of finer lines, etc. Thanks to After Inked, it has healed at twice the speed of my earlier tat and -- barring the differences in location and size -- with far less overall aggravation and itching. Even after applying generously for a minimum of 3-4 times a day over 4+ weeks, I still have at least half the tube left.

  • Michael A. Urbach - The stuff is JUNK

    I PURCHASED 12 GALLONS on 07/20/13. The deck was power washed with a deck cleaner recommended by HomeDepot where I purchased the RESTORE. The product went on with 3 coats. It looked great. That Oct. we had a cookout with over 20 people. The deck held up well with no noticeable marks or failures. I live in upstate New York where it gets very cold, by the middle of Dec. the deck looked really good with the temp. dropping below O. We even had some snow and after shoveling, still no noticeable failures or peeling.