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  • Mark - Seems flimsy

    It will probably do in a pinch - seems lite weight and now I worry about whether the Chinese really use stainless steel or some metals that cause Americans to get fat, borrow money from Chinese bankers etc

  • R. SMITH - Bar's Leaks Head Gasket Fix P/N 1111

    Our 1997 Cadillac (V-8 4.6L Northstar) began going through coolant fast -- every couple of days I needed 1/2 gallon to top-off coolant when Low-Coolant light came on. Engine was also misfiring a lot, and CEL was always on. I had previously replaced, plugs, wires, coil packs, coolant tank, radiator, water pump, hoses. Then I read reports of troubles with Northstar engines blowing head gaskets. People said it was a major problem that GM's Cadillac team never figured out a permanent fix for. I don't mind fixing things on a car or truck, but to replace the head gaskets on a big Cadi you first need to remove the engine. Yikes! Shops charge up to $4,500, but very few will take on the job -- not even Cadi dealers. The car is worth next to nothing; has 157,000 miles showing. Costly repairs make no sense, but I noticed Bar's Leaks Head Gasket Fix P/N 1111 claim that it would fix head gasket problems even on Northstar engines. I put in a can, let the car come up to operating temperature with the heater on highest temperature, idle for 20 minutes or so. So far, no more coolant leak, engine runs smooth, no misfires. I was shocked that it worked as they claimed it would. How long will it work? Well, that's just not possible to say.

  • mialimama - SCAM DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

    rip off!!! they scam you out of money left and right! they offer a refund you will never see and trick you into signing up for a parent hotline that they charge 49.00 a month for. the charges do not show up at the same time on your bank account statement so it is easy to miss


    The GPS works very well, just make sure you have a clear view skyward. Interface with the software is decent also. Biggest problem is maps seem to be 2 - 3 years out of date.