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  • Honest review - wish i had known about this all these years

    This is my first can gun, i know there are other brands out there so i am just gonna judge by this one, i do alot of spraying and anybody that does knows that you have to keep changing fingers all the time, as one finger gets tired i would switch to another and eventually end at the thumb, i have also read reviews and i can safely say it is a sturdy device, it feels a little loose when tilted to the side but most cans cant work sideways anyway, so far i have run 6 cans of primer 8 cans of paint and 3 clear coats, it has worked perfectly and requires little effort, cuts my work in half and no finger pain, just make sure the spray nozzle is facing out, duhh

  • Honest Abe - I read enough reviews to feel comfortable w/ this purchase and in the end

    I read enough reviews to feel comfortable w/ this purchase and in the end...thankfully, I chose well:)

  • cacoga - Watch out for it slowing your speed

    I bought this because the vast majority of the reviews were positive, but our experience with it was the same as the reviewers who complained about it slowing the speed. It slowed our speed down so much that we couldn't load the content of simple websites or apps like facebook. I work from home and couldn't do my work over the wifi--not even tiny tasks like opening a one-page PDF that only had text in it. We know it was the router because when we plugged the computer straight into the cord from the wall, our speed was fine. I'm pretty sure it was also not a user error. My husband and I are not dumb or technology-illiterate. I actually have a minor in computer science and spent 6 years working in tech support, and I wasn't able to get the router to do its job. Maybe we got a dud. We sent it back, and Amazon was great about refunding it. I guess if you buy it, you should be aware that this could happen and you need to send it back before the time limit Amazon sets on it. It obviously has worked for some people, but it seems like a lot of the recent reviews are negative. Perhaps the most recent batch manufactured is defective.