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  • Public GME Education - GME Education - Pet Parents Fighting GME - Welcome to our Public GME Educational Tab for Pet Parents of every walk of life.  You don't have to become a member of our group to learn this valuabl…
  • GME Signs & Symptoms Poster - GME Education - Pet Parents Fighting GME - This is a office or work lunchroom poster of the Signs & Symptoms of GME!  All GME Pet Parents, Pet Parent Veterinarians and Office Staff are…
  • Dog Health News First Podcast Series on GME - GME Education - Pet Parents Fighting GME - Fresh off the Press! Being submitted to several radio stations around the country and to a TV News Station in Massachusetts! To read more about Cricket's…

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  • Lauren - I have definitely seen an increase in my milk supply ...

    I have definitely seen an increase in my milk supply since starting these supplements. I've been pumping and feeding her from a bottle with 3 ounce feedings every 3 hours or so and still have at least 15 ounces to put in the freezer for future feedings! Before this product, I was struggling with having enough to feed her and didn't have any left over to store.

  • Amazon Customer - 2012: Doomsday - a sign of the death of the film industry

    Without question, the most awful movie ever made. Amazon needs a whole new category for this one! Fundamentalist Christians lie and manipulate history, co-opt the traditions of another culture, and use an obscene measure of melodrama to inflict drivel on the unsuspecting viewer. The most charitable thing that can be said about this film is that it is, at best, insulting and nauseating.

  • Elizabeth Hucks - This product is great...

    After taking this, I have a good size bowel movement every now and then & I feel 100% better. As if a weight was lifted. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to clean their system.

  • Colt R - Works great for my Jeep

    I use these in my Jeep Wrangler Soft top that will leak water when it rains. The inside would get a musky smell after a hard rain but I open this up for a few days and it takes the moisture out. Probably a little overkill for the small size of a jeep but works great for me!

  • scotty71 - Playing House of Fun

    I love playing House of Fun games since they change and are never boring. Come on and play and have some fun