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  • Lexee Tigger - Good, intriguing story!

    I really enjoyed this story! Hayley and Luke are good characters and they both drew me in from the beginning. The rest of the characters were well written as well. The plot was engaging and once I started reading, I had to find out what was going to happen next. Hayley and Luke have had a thing for each other since they were young. Neither knew the other one felt that way until Hayley graduated high school, ready to leave town, and Luke was back from college on a trip to visit family. They get together that night but neither expresses their full feelings for each other. Fast forward years later and they are both back in town after tragedy has hit the town. Hayley wasn't aware when she came back what had happened in the town and to the Barton family but she is quickly drawn back to Luke and is determined to figure out the truth. They both start digging and things go from there.

  • D. Patterson - All-natural relief from rheumatoid arthritis without the side effects of NSAiDs!

    I'll admit I was skeptical. I've taken ibuprofen for years and I've recently been started on Tramadol too. I really don't want to continue that spiral. It's really frustrating having this issue at my age. There are days when I struggle with the pain and swelling in my knuckles. I started taking turmeric recently and since then I've seen dramatic improvement and almost no pain just from taking a capsule twice daily.

  • Veronica - Love It!

    First I am not a hair girl. I have thick,somewhat wavy, just passed my shoulder hair. I have been told that it is very manageable just not for me, I can't do a thing with it. So I don't own a traditional straightener because I know there is no way that I would be able to do. I thought that this would be a good alternative to getting straight hair.

  • Bob from Dallas - Export functionality deeply flawed

    was forced to "upgrade" from QB 2011 to maintain payroll and banking functionality. new version has mainly cosmetic changes, which to my eyes make things less readable, but that isn't the big problem. The massive flaw in the new version is a rework of the report export functionality that is increasing my month end work flow by literally 3 hours. they introduced extra export options requiring extra steps, but the big time waster is that the export destination is no longer remembered within each company file. So if I work on Company A, and export to Excel spreadsheets in Folder A, when I switch to Company B, it defaults to exporting to Folder A. Switch that to Folder B, then next time I open company A, it wants to export to Folder B. I maintain six companies, and used to have a very streamlined month end process that has been completely destroyed by new version. Have Googled for some way to force it to have old behavior but no luck yet. would have much preferred to keep QB 2011 and pay some kind of service fee than be subjected to this forced change to a flawed product.

  • Ken Cox - Excellent

    Well packaged for shipping. Color matched perfectly. Simple instructions and easy installation. No problems after installation and car looks great with the extra trim.

  • smegma11 - It works great if you still have Win 7

    I am not having all the problems others are having because I wasn't insane enough to move to Windows 10. With Windows 7 it works very well and the only problem I have had is a bug that it writes junk files in the Windows App directory and forgets to delete them. After about a week my hard drive popped up and said it went from 80 gigs to 220 gigs which was next to full and couldn't write another Bluray disk because of the size. I quick search, which you have to do from the apps directory showed copies of all the movies I had made over the last week sitting there, dumb as ducks, with different file names. I just deleted them and have to do it every few weeks when it warns me. It's a waste of time telling Nero customer service about it, they are so swamped with new Windows 10 users trying to figure out where all their old Windows 7 commands were moved to, they haven't got time to fix anything.