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  • El slicko - Caused breakouts

    I have always had an issue with acne. I have figured out over the years the various foods that cause me to break out (dairy, greasy foods, etc.) but the main factor, stress, can't be avoided. I picked up this product to try and help even out my skin a little. Immediate breakout. And I mean bad. After doing a little more research, I found that Biotin has a reputation for doing this, especially when taken in high doses. The recommended serving size and frequency on the bottle has a DV of over 1600%. What's the point?

  • Russ - Fits in your pocket and works well.

    As a man who grew his first full beard at 12 and has maintained one ever since, I love any and all things to care for it. So when I was offered this amazing comb for free for an honest review, you bet I jumped on it. After using this, I will NEVER go back to a plastic comb for my beard. The heft and sturdiness of this in my hand is perfect, and with the smooth sandalwood it never shreds or tears at my beard, leaving it extra fluffy, just the way the wife loves it. If you ever grow a beard and want to maintain it well, you better get this comb!