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  • Angela - I'm Sold!

    For years I've mopped my floors by hand, but I've also always lived in 1200 sq feet or less sized homes. Our new home has a large kitchen area, plus double if not triple the amount of tile flooring area to wash. We also have two dogs that love to go in an out as often as we'll let them. So I bought this tool to be a helper for in between being able to was by hand. I tried it first on the bathroom floor. Afterward, I wiped the floor with a white terry cloth towel to wiped up the extra moisture and to avoid potential streaks - then I looked at the cloth. It was still white just a slight hue of off white, which meant a little soil left behind, but I was still impressed. Then on to the next bathroom. I thought more soil would be left behind in this room because it has a litter box. BUT to my amazement the white cloth showed no sign of any soil left behind. It was cleaner than the first room. With that reality I was sold! I only wish the water tanks could hold a little more because my kitchen is that big. However, it took no real effort to empty and refill. We also like to walk around barefoot and there was no sticky residue felt. When my home is clean I'm happy. Now my knee pads can retire.

  • Mo V. - Short but tasty

    Tastes great!!! I don't feel that it staved off my hunger for a long period of time but it did take away my immediate cravings. I usually add it to my home steeped tea as sweetener and flavor enhancer instead of sugar or honey.

  • Grams - Easy and Fun to Use

    I just got a new computer with upgraded software so my old card software would not work and it was no longer being made for the new software. I had many things I was looking for in a replacement especially the Address Book function that would provide me with a daily notice on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe had everything my old software had and more. I was delighted that I was able to everything I needed to do and it was very easy to follow.

  • Amazon Customer - I do like the sound and the range is about 20 feet

    I thought it was for both ears but I guess it just is for one ear. I do like the sound and the range is about 20 feet.

  • Web TV Guy - Better Solution Than Rabbit TV

    I found a better solution than Rabbit TV after watching the Rabbit TV review video on YouTube -- Not a good rating -- Watch This...

  • TomH141 - Seems to be working as advertised and I am feeling that my abs are tighter than prior to using the Flex Belt.

    I purchased the Flex Belt about a month ago. Been using it almost daily ever since. I am a 70 year old, 6"4" 205 lb male - I exercise regularly (but didn't until about 3 years ago!) and play golf 1-2x per week.

  • Kathleen Tinter - Dry patches on baby's skin...

    Switched to Burts instead- this gave our baby patches of dry skin. Like how the toxin level is zero and the smell, but our baby's skin didn't react to it well. Your child might be different- it's cheap enough to give it a shot. I do like being able to find Burts at the grocery store though for sure.