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    BEST PRICE / PERFORMANCE CARD EVER ! if you just playing online games like CS- GO -Dota 2 - LoL -wOw etc.. This card for you !

  • Arnbey - Very Helpful

    QuickBooks is simple and complicated and this book deals with all of it. It is a great purchase and the Prime shipping brought it to my door quickly. Very satisfied.

  • Saluki Alum! - Great Product!

    I ordered and quickly received the Vitovia Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract Natural Weight Loss and Appetite Suppressant, Carb Blocker, Diuretic and Weight Loss Supplement CLINICALLY Proven 60% HCA - No Side Efftects - LOSE WEIGHT or YOUR MONEY BACK - Manufactured in a USA GMP Certified Facility and Third Party Tested for Purity - Garcinia Cambogia Reviews. This product comes in a White plastic bottle with a solid white screw on off plastic cap .The bottle arrived with a quality control seal, and inner protective seal. For best results take two (2) capsules three (3) times per day, 30-120 minutes before each meal or as directed by your healthcare professional. Do not exceed the recommended dose. The bottle consist of sixty (60) capsules or thirty (30) servings per container. Received this about a week ago. I started taking Garcinia because my friend had good results. I am willing to try it for a period of time. Even though I have not started working out (sorry, I am procrastinating), I did notice that I have decreased appetite. It is hard to explain. I do not have “hunger pains” but at the same time my appetite is more ‘sedated’. It feels as though I might have eaten even though I know I did not eat. Like I said- hard to explain. I have not tried this for long enough to give a full thorough review. Pills are well packaged in a sturdy pill box that is sealed with freshness/vapor lock and tamper resistant.

  • J. Nelson - Error in MAC version and poor technical support

    I purchased the At Home 2012 Deluxe and installed on my Macbook Pro. Entered the data and completed the Federal taxes and then installed the Illinois state module. The Illinois state software DOUBLED MY STATE TAXES PAID so threw off my return by $2700. I checked the numbers I entered in the W2 section of the program and they were correct. I called customer service and they asked if I installed the latest Illinois version. I checked the update section and it was the most current. They offered to email me another Illinois version and said it should correct and override the existing installation. So, I opened and attempted to install from the provided link and the installer told me I had a more recent version of Illinois state tax module installed already. So, I ordered Turbo Tax today.

  • Tiffany - There's nothing like it!

    As someone who has a hard time focusing on one subject for a long time, this product has done wonders! The first two nights, I will say the PM made me have some wacky dreams, but after that I have slept well. I find myself much more focused during the day and actually answering questions that I didn't even know I knew the answers to! I was almost shocked at my responses sometimes. I absolutely love this product and can't see myself without it anymore. 1st Phorm always does an amazing job.