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  • Isabelle Z - Warning!! Lost serius IQ pointss

    Brain cels ded from reding book, mi IQ iused to bee geniuss level, butt now all seezed and dieyd frum Cory bernabi, cant reed anything nowe eyes dyed too frum too much stoopid. brain killedd eyess and brain. Pleas dont reed book yoe can cach diseese frm it kill yur brain

  • Crystal - Add this book to your Research collection.

    I agree with other reviewers that you must sift through some pseudo-science, and it could definitely use an easier user friendly format. However if you are on the road to understanding gut health, bacteria and how diet can help or harm that ecosystem.... then this should be in your artillery. Donna Gates has years of study & credentials under her belt and the foundation of her practice starts with treating mom's during pregnancy. This is the core area to really help the population and prevent infants from suffering just after being born. Many adults who now suffer, are in in this situation because their gut was suffering for years and years (likely since birth after eating rice cereal & being given antibiotics/vaccinated too early) before the symptoms showed up. So, just like every book out there...you should not believe or practice 100% of what any book tells you. Using common sense and doing research will show you where Donna is on point. And those points are at the foundation of gut health. She knows what she's talking about when it comes to gut flora. Also, she is releasing a cookbook soon and I intend to own that as well.

  • M.W. - mom not so crazy about it/ daughter loves it

    I love the formatting of Just Dance 3 better, personally, but my daughter who is a tween loves this way better. the online feature is what draws her in. you can dance with people around the world. Parents, just be careful and aware of that. I nearly had a heart attack when I realized it. I didn't see anywhere on the cover or when I bought it that an integral part of the game is being online with a bunch of strangers. It seems pretty safe, but I would definitely check the game settings and keep an eye out and explain to your child how to behave in an online setting and stay safe. My beef with this game is that it has very distracting backgrounds so that it is harder to see and follow your dancer. There are also several places where they developers highlight the wrong hand and several dances where the dancer turns around (and you are supposed to too) but then you can't see what moves you should be doing or when to turn back again.

  • Theresa M. Studer - Great Straightener!

    This flat iron is great for straightening your hair but not that great at curling. I had my girls use this and tell me what they thought.