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  • Amazon Customer - Excelent Excel book

    Excelent Excel book. (pun intended). Comprehensive book that is easy to read and build your excel skills. Length of the book is necesssary to cover all the extensive features of Excel. I've become a Walkenbach fan and hope his other books are as good as I'm looking to get them.

  • Aaron Peik - Great charger, charges fast and is well built and ...

    Great charger, charges fast and is well built and light's up to let you know when it's charging and also when it kicks into fast charge mode it light's up green instead of blue. We have 3 of these now and they are absolutely great. Be sure to use the actual power brick that came with your phone as for fast charging it needs a very good power brick and a samsung or very high quality usb cord to use fast charge mode. It will charge my galaxy s7 edge at about 75-80% speed compared to plugged straight into the power brick, but in a year my charging port will still be brand new so it's def. worth it. I throw my phone on it every night when i go to bed, it's a great charging pad.

  • carbonic - Great Facial Skin Cleanser

    This product is a great skin cleanser I have been using every day. The price is right too as you don't need much to clean your entire face. I have sensitive skin and have had no problems with this product whatsoever. Enjoy!

  • Carolh - no substitute for Turbo Tax

    This was the clunkiest program (of any kind) that I've used in a long time! Yes, it was possible to transfer info from last year's Turbo Tax file and I'm assuming that calculations are accurate but beyond that, navigation through the program was awkward, and back tracking to double check input/information flow to 1040 was so frustrating that I kept wondering who I was punishing for switching from Turbo Tax. I certainly hope Intuit has seen the light so I can revert to Turbo Tax for 2015!

  • J Walker B - Nothng New.

    Roxio has repackaged a set of existing products under a new name with very little new to offer. If you already have and like Roxio, the NXT Pro package has some interesting extras that are worth a look.