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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Krystina - Smells good

    This smells great! I don't know if it actually does what it says it will, because we haven't been traumatized by lice yet.... but it seems like it would because of the smell. It also helps me brush through my daughters long hair!

  • LB2000 - Will definitely buy again!!!

    I really love this curling custard!!! It holds and defines your curls really well and it does not leave your hair feeling hard, flaky or crunchy. It also adds shine to your curls. It works best when used with kinky curly knot today leave in detangler.

  • GOODTIMES CAR CLUB - okay game

    Game is okay kids like it. They get bord pretty fast. Would be better is ps4 camera was better in different lighting.

  • Emily L. - I overestimated how much 8. 45 ounces would be ...

    I overestimated how much 8.45 ounces would be. I thought one tube wouldn't be enough to last me a month and it has. However purchasing two tubes at once does save you some money.

  • Mike3746 - Awesome machine!

    Really at last, a great water flosser with enough real pressure and smoth operation to get the job done! I happen to have very tight teeth that makes regular flossing hard. Bits of floss rip off and get stuck between my teeth and it is very uncomfortable. I have used dental tape and very thin floss and still have the problem. My dentist recommended a water flosser, but the last two I bought were not powerful enough and both broke down after only a few months (the pumps failed and both were Waterpics!). I was very skeptical about buying this one becasue of those bad experiences. But, what a surprise! The nozzles that come with the machine are a great array for different jobs, including nasal flush, tonge cleaning and micro brush. The regular stream nozzels are the eprfect size and the pressure is like three times the Waterpic pressure...this machine does the job perfectly. My teeth have never been cleaner. Even my dentist was amazed.