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  • d1rober - Pedals look and feel great!

    My wife surprised me with these fine looking pedals for my birthday. I finally installed them on a 2012 Charger RT Max (adjustable pedals) a month later as I knew I would need some time and plenty of patience. The gas pedal simply snapped right into place over the original pedal. The brake pedal took about 45 min and was a bit of a challange but so worth it. The pedals look and feel great!

  • True Rocker - crappy s/w - adversarial customer service

    Crappy software is cpu intensive when it works - which is rarely. You are much better off buying Encore Softwares printshop. Encore software does what you want it to do, and does so reliably. Tried working out issues with Nova Development customer service and they refused to acknowledge any responsibility for their product or practices. They kept telling me that it was my problem, that their software has been checked out and works properly.

  • Thomas Kiefer - Older Versions Su**! Be careful on this one!

    This is a review of Roxio 9. I found that once installed it wants to connect to the internet constantly, and after much experimentation I found this could not be turned off, as it was a BIG nuisance every time I booted up. I "uninstalled" everything using the start uninstall feature, but this did not help. The program keep trying to "dial home", so to speak. Then I had to manually remove every file containing "Roxio - a bit of a chore to say the least. They kept asking me to upgrade to version ten, but "once burned, stay away from the fire"!

  • bookworm - prefer a desk copy

    Previous editions had puzzles and other things on the back. Disappointed that with the conversion to kindle that was dropped from both editions,but still enjoy the cartoons

  • N. Jones - I love it and my toddler loves it too

    It is so perfect for her little hands. It's very easy to navigate which is perfect for a toddler who thinks they know everything and have sharing issues. I will issue a beware: the package states that the set up could take up to 40 minutes but it took me over 4 hours because after the software was installed onto my computer, I was prompted to download Adobe Flashplayer. It was a complete headache but worth it after everything has been installed. I purchased a couple of apps immediately. By the time I had completed the set up, registration, and installation of the new apps, the LeapPad died. Thank goodness I bought rechargeable batteries. I think owning something like this, you will definitely need them. You will not regret it.

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    After seeing some of the reviews and spending a fortune over the years on M3 blades, I thought I found the answer. When it arrived, I was impressed with the quality packaging and appearance. Out of the package, it felt like a sturdy shaver with a fair amount of weight to it. 1st shave: the novelty of a new razor was in effect after using the same M3 for years and years and years (it's a tank and has been dropped on tile countless times). It felt nice but I had a hard time finding the lines because of the extra thick strip above the blades whereas with my Mach III, I know exactly where to start the blade under my sideburns and around my nose/lips. But overall, the first stab at it wasn't too shabby. By the 3rd shave, I realized that this is not going to be a long term razor for me. I absolutely hate the stiff pivot on it. You have to use too much force to get this blade to contour to the structure of your face and I feel like I'm going to cut myself from pressing so hard. It's also impossible to get a really clean, quick shave right under your nose. If you use the 6 blade side, there's no way to reach it, even if you shove it up in your nose. If you use the trimming blade on the back, it's like scraping a dull knife on your skin. It's just very awkward feeling and even after making multiple, deliberate strokes with the trimming blade, I still had very noticeable hairs at the top of my lip, just inside the inner part of my nostrils. I had to use my M3 to clean it up.