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Fusion Ionz - Official Site of Negative Ion Bracelets and Accessories - Fusion IONZ negative ion bracelets are double blind clinically proven forfor increased strength, balance, energy, muscle recovery and body pain relief. They have also been clinically verified to have the STRONGEST negative ion output of any wristband. See More Infobalance, energy, flexibility,stamina and energy you can buy one todayonline.

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  • Amazon Customer - Love this stuff.

    I did not know what benefits I was receiving until I stopped taking them. They are great for my skin, joints and nails. I love it and will probably continue to take for life. I am post menopausal this supplement offsets the effects.

  • Authenticated Amazon User - Very good even if it doesn't go the extra mile.

    This is a very good monitor. If you don't have any special requirements or you don't want every feature under the sun just to have it, then this should be a good purchase. I already ordered a second after a few days with the first.

  • Drew - 2014 Grammy nominees

    I wanted to add this to my collection of nominees CDs. This is what I like in some newer music. You hear it on the radio but may not want to buy all the CDs from all the artists or invest in time finding and downloading each one.

  • L. Garnett - ZetaClear

    Zetaclear does not work at all. I used it for 8 months and no effect. This is a total waste of money and you get only a portion of your money back if you try to return it.

  • Harry SevenEagles - Professional installation and dealing with the light intensity

    I bit the bullet and had these professionally installed, sadly giving up the opportunity to have fun with power tools and mathematics in a hot attic. Two workers installed two tubes in three hours, including cleaning up their mess. Excellent! Now. About the flood of light....it will take some getting used. For one thing, the diffuser that comes in the box conveys very white light...it is harsh on the eyes of the Northwest native. Rather than buying solatube's light softening lenses, I am experimenting with pieces of fabric, colorful gift wrapping paper, and pieces of colored plastic from the "fan" of one of those vintage color wheels people used to use with aluminum Christmas trees, which is to say, stuff I have on hand in my studio. So far, so good; these materials give the impression of a stained glass window...rather lovely. Maybe I'll remove these materials when the clouds come back this autumn. We'll see... Still experimenting.

  • Reviewdini - Smelly, read for detail.

    Personally, I hate this. But I'm biased. I hate scents. However... we purchased this because we decided to make our own baby wipes and solution. This was great for that. A little oil helps treat the bottom and keep it soft and smooth, and while this stuff smells very strongly, you aren't using more than 2 drops in the whole solution, so it dilutes and doesn't smell as bad.