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  • MZurf - Great lightweight serum:)

    Very happy! Second time I've purchased this serum, lasted almost 4 months! Small amount goes a long way, very lightweight, absorbs right into the skin. Pair with your favorite retinol cream. Awesome product!

  • Cupertation - just getting started, but seems to make a difference

    I finished my first bottle of 30 and moved on to the 90 count- great price + amazon prime. This will be my second month of using Alpha Brain and it seems to help. I have 10-12 hour days at work and noticed that the last week or so have been more productive-- especially at the end of the day.

  • edwin - Great book, wit great examples of the rules!

    The book is very helpful. It follows along with the rule book so you have an example of a rule you may be confused about. Use this while reading your rule book, it helps a lot

  • Kira's Mom - Sweet & simple story...

    This is a very sweet & simple story. I ordered this book because my son is very sensitive about his size and nothing mommy says helps. I am hoping this book will help him realize he's great no matter what.

  • D. Baldwin - ... after she raved about the benefits and I just love this product

    I first bought this from my hair stylist after she raved about the benefits and I just love this product. Her salon isn't close, so I was thrilled to find this on Amazon. Overall, it feels as though it's conditioning my hair and protecting it from heat and environmental exposure. It smells divine. I just spritz a few times after getting out of the shower (like a leave-in conditioner) and go from there. I don't add anything else if I plan to blow-dry and straighten. You really don't need much after using this, except maybe a tiny bit of product to help with frizz and flyaways.