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Alcohol Abuse | Addiction Treatment Richmond VA - We are a Rehabilitation Center for the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse in Richmond and Fredericksburg, VA. Call us if you needs help with an addiction.

  • http://fccr-va.com/about-fccr-richmond-va/ Family Counseling Center for Recovery | Richmond VA - At Family Counseling Center for Recovery (FCCR), we help Richmond and Fredericksburg families with substance abuse addictions. Call to learn more.
  • http://fccr-va.com/overview-2/ Addiction Treatment Richmond VA | Substance Abuse Help - Our addiction treatment centers in Richmond and Fredericksburg,VA help you overcome your substance abuse. If you need addiction treatment, call for help.
  • http://fccr-va.com/our-staff/ Addiction Treatment Specialists Richmond VA | FCCR Staff - Meet the staff at FCCR. Our addiction treatment specialists in Richmond and Fredericksburg, VA can help you recover from your addiction. Call us today.
  • http://fccr-va.com/drug-addiction-treatment-center-overview/ Drug Addiction Treatment Center Richmond VA | Fredericksburg VA - FCCR is a drug addiction treatment center with offices in Midlothian, Richmond and Fredericksburg, VA. Call us for help with your drug addiction today.
  • http://fccr-va.com/alcohol-abuse-treatment/ Alcohol Abuse | Substance Abuse Treatment - Alcohol Abuse treatment in Richmond, VA. Our alcohol abuse treatment can help you on your road to recovery. Richmond and Fredericksburg locations.
  • http://fccr-va.com/adolescent-intensive-outpatient-programs/ Adolescent Rehab Outpatient Programs | Teen Rehab Center - Learn about FCCR's adolescent rehab outpatient programs. We help your child with substacne abuse problems in Richmond and Fredericksburg, VA. Call us.
  • http://fccr-va.com/prescription-drug-addiction/ Prescription Drug Abuse Help | Drug Addiction Center - Looking for prescription drug aabuse help? Call FCCR's drug addiction center to get the help you or your loved one needs. We're more than just rehab.
  • http://fccr-va.com/methadone-detoxification-heroin-addiction/ Methadone Detoxification | Heroin Addiction Center Richmond - FCCR is a methadone detoxification and heroin addiction treatment center. If you need a drug addiction treatment center, please call us today. Help is here.
  • http://fccr-va.com/impaired-professionals-rehabilitation/ Rehab for Professionals | Impaired Professionals Program - FCCR offers rehabilitation for impaired professionals. If you suffer from substance abuse while trying to work, call us. Richmond and Fredericksburg, VA.
  • http://fccr-va.com/family-treatment-options/ Family Substance Abuse Counseling Richmond VA | Family Help - FCCR offers family substance abuse counseling for families with loved ones suffering from substance abuse. If your family needs help, please call us today.
  • http://fccr-va.com/chronic-pain-addictions/ Addiction Chronic Pain | Help with Pain form Substance Abuse - If you suffer from chronic pain as a result of an addiction or substance abuse, call FCCR today. Our medical staff can help relieve pain from addictions.
  • http://fccr-va.com/ambulatory-detoxification/ Medical Detoxification Richmond VA | Ambulatory Detox - Sometimes medical detoxification is required to treat substance abuse. Our ambulatory detox outpatient program can help you beat your addiction. Call us.
  • http://fccr-va.com/addiction-interventions/ Addiction Intervention Richmond VA | Substance Abuse Intervention - Does you loved one need an addiction intervention? At FCCR, we have an assessment and intervention program for substance abuse. Call us now to get started.
  • http://fccr-va.com/fccr-news-addiction-counseling/ Addiction Counseling Advice Richmond VA | Substance Abuse News - Read our addiction counseling advice and news on substance abuse. Our online resource center for getting your family help for additions and substance abuse.
  • http://fccr-va.com/family-counseling-center-contact/ Family Counseling Center for Recovery | Rehabilitation Center - Contact FCCR, Family Counseling Center for Recovery. Three rehabilitation center locations: Richmond, Midlothian and Fredericksburg, VA. Call today.

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  • jchristalini06 - I switched so the rear facing is behind the driver and I can see just fine.

    I have two of these carseats. One is installed rear facing for my 10mo old and the other forward facing for my three year old. The only problem I have encountered is that if I put the rear facing behind the passenger seat I absolutely cannot see my blind spot on the right side of the car. I switched so the rear facing is behind the driver and I can see just fine.

  • Segundo - A MUST BUY!!!

    This latest Album from Lady Gaga is very Unique. It's very very Different from "Art Pop" + "Born This Way" + "The Fame Monster" & "The Fame". It has a Combination of Pop, Club beat, Classical, `60s, & Carnival beat. Nice blend between different Genres.

  • cityguy - QuickBooks is HORRIBLE!!!

    QuickBooks is simply ABYSMAL!!! Practically anything that you try to do in QuickBooks require some cumbersome procedure that seems very inefficient. Its clunky interface and workflow is counterintuitive and restrictive. It feels like you're working with an out-of-date program from the 90's. To make matters worse, QuickBooks is constantly plagued with inexplicable glitches and compatibility issues. I've reluctantly been using this piece of garbage for ten long years only because it's the software of choice for accountants, but I don't give a rat's behind anymore. It's just not worth the time and aggravation. DON'T BE DUPED!!! Time is money, and you will lose a ton of time managing your books with this piece of garbage!


    I bought these because the little carpet mats that came with our new 2013 Ford Escape are pitiful. We love the car

  • Patrick McClanahan - This stroller took a chunk out of my arm and fails in every respect!

    This stroller took a chunk out of my arm! I now have a 1 inch scar on my arm from where the stroller frame pinched a section of flesh from my forearm when I was trying to get it snapped into place and unfolded out of my car. Nothing like trying to wrangle your baby out of the car and into a stroller when you're bleeding and injured in a parking lot. Good times! Additionally- This stroller looks "agile" but the wide wheel base on the front wheel actually causes this stroller to jam and not turn easily/ randomly lock up on smooth flat sidewalks. There is also a arched piece of metal that makes up part of the frame that supports the black storage bag underneath and the arch comes up so high that trying to even wedge in a small purse underneath is hard to do- (forget trying to get your diaper bag underneath). This stroller does have a zipping storage bag that hangs under the handle bar, but it is only held in by a narrow band of velcro and not only would it not support much weight, but you wouldn't want to risk putting anything close to a diaper bag weight inside- it would risk tipping or the velcro bag falling off. The handle for this stroller also is small and curved in a way that makes it painful to ever push this with one hand; it hurts your wrists. I have an 8 month old baby and I also felt bad for him in this stroller; the genius who designed it doesn't seem to care about the baby's comfort; there's a black hard plastic piece on their seat back that holds the shoulder harness in place and it hits the baby right in the shoulder blade area- it has a black fabric cover that hides it from view but the fabric is thin and the plastic is hard and uncomfortable- I have no idea why they don't have a padded back on the seat- it's a terrible design. I've never seen another stroller with a hard plastic square that hits the baby's back like this one has. We didn't know about it as we ordered it here on amazon and couldn't feel the seat beforehand. I have no idea why this stroller has so many good reviews! After this experience we went to brick and mortar shops to see what the strollers were like first.