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Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy - CSSDP - Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) is a grassroots youth organization concerned about the negative impact our drug policies have on society.

  • http://cssdp.org/about/national-team-board/ CSSDP Board of Directors & Advisors - National Team - Meet the national team that help CSSDP chapters across Canada raise awareness about harm reduction and sensible drug policy.
  • http://cssdp.org/cssdp-members-large/ CSSDP Members-at-Large - CSSDP - CSSDP members-at-large help us do important work by contributing time and effort to raise awareness about harm reduction and evidence-based drug policy.
  • http://cssdp.org/sdp/ Support Don't Punish - CSSDP - CSSDP considers problematic drug use in society primarily a health issue rather than a criminal one, and stands behind the Support Don't Punish campaign.
  • http://cssdp.org/board-member-callout-oct-2016/ Join our board of directors, fight the drug war! - CSSDP - CSSDP is looking for two motivated youth and students who are interested in working against the harms done by drug policies to join our board of directors!
  • http://cssdp.org/overdose-awareness-day-2016/ International Overdose Awareness Day 2016 - CSSDP - International Overdose Awareness Day draws attention to effective harm reduction methods that can prevent overdose deaths.
  • http://cssdp.org/cannabis-marihuana-name/ Cannabis to Marihuana: What’s In a Name? - CSSDP - Board member Michelle Theissen and Okanagen CSSDP chapter member Megan Stager discuss how the terms we use reflect the attitudes we hold.
  • http://cssdp.org/youth-speak-cannabis-legalization-outcome-document/ Youth Report on Cannabis Legalization - CSSDP - CSSDP hosted a youth roundtable on cannabis legalization in Toronto. Listen to what youth have to say about sensible cannabis policy and read the report!
  • http://cssdp.org/introduction-harm-reduction-model/ Introduction to the Harm Reduction Model - CSSDP - The harm reduction model for drug use and drug policy in contrast to the zero tolerance model, explained by CSSDP member-at-large Scott Jacobsen.
  • http://cssdp.org/legalizing-cannabis-lessons-canada/ Legalizing Cannabis: Lessons for Canada - CSSDP - Canada has set a deadline for legalizing cannabis. By spring 2017, the substance will be legal and available for recreational use.
  • http://cssdp.org/position-statement-stop-raiding-dispensaries/ Position Statement: Stop Raiding Dispensaries! - CSSDP - For 20 years, dispensaries have helped patients access medical cannabis. Why are we raiding dispensaries with legalization around the corner?

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