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  • Krista - Punk 57

    I want to thank Penelope Douglas for writing this book. She did an incredible job with this story. I can relate and that's probably the most precious thing to me in this story.

  • Lisa R - Staple in my daily cleanse!

    A must have in your daily routine! I've been using this for a few months and saw a difference about week 3. It has reduced my pore size and helped with the laughing lines. I love Dr. Denese's products, a bit pricey but the results are worth it!

  • Valerie Carpenter - Good place to start

    Not able to personalize requests such as "putting dog down" instead of "paying for boarding". I did like that it made adjustments for my state.

  • vickiey hale - I love this game if only you could have more than ...

    I love this game if only you could have more than three lives at a time and have new ways to earn coins so buying advances wont take so long. You can only gift 5 lives to friends a day and if you cant get extra lives you can be stuck in the same spot a long time.

  • grad2times - Saved my hair!

    I have been natural for over 6 years. My hair would grow but would shed horribly. My hair would only get neck length when stretched. Also, my edges were becoming thin from styles(I thought were protecting my hair ) such as wigs and sew ins. I was tempted to shave all of my hair off and start over again. I have been taking these vitamins for about three months now and wearing protective styles ( styles that are not tight and that allow me to moisturize my hair) I am here to tell you within the first month my hair IMMEDIATELY stop breaking and falling out. My eyelashes have also grown. I did cut around an inch of damaged hair off when I first started taking the pills and my hair has already grown back. I take three pills per day. There is finally hope for my natural hair. I would recommend these vitamins to anyone.

  • ksteph79 - Seams pretty good quality

    These prenatal vitamins seam to be of very good quality. My daughter who is 4 months pregnant has had a hard time keeping anything down even vitamins... She had to switch to flinstone gummys and now that she's in her 2nd trimester she's having an easier time being able to swallow and keep vitamins down so I got her these and she is pleased sofar... She said they are easy to swallow and does not upset her stomach any. After researching I realize these are very well manufactured. They came ontime and packaged well. We do recommend These. I did receive these free for my honest review.

  • Dan R. - and I am surprised at just how much better these 20 volt lithium tools perform--light weight

    I have had most all of the 18 volt Dewalt tools, and I am surprised at just how much better these 20 volt lithium tools perform--light weight, great power, and the 5 amp hour battery last a very long time. After this set, I also purchased the amazing multi-tool and a Sawsall. Very happy with all.