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  • Susan - Eye Drops

    My family suffer from dry eyes and this product was recommended by my ophthalmologist. It is cheaper to buy through Amazon. The product is gentle and gives the relief expected no matter how often it is used throughout the day.

  • Smeeky - Recommended

    Through Prime arrived in the expected two days. With the exception of the add on back rest and foot stepper, chair came fulling assembled and ready to go out of the box. It is very sturdy even with my overweight body plopped in it. Four sets of resistance straps were included but so far have not seen the need to use anything except the straps that were installed on arrival. Work outs included are pretty easy to accomplish even with shoulder and knee issues I have, just start out slow and work your way up. At this point it is to early to see any results but if I stay with it I am sure I will. Overall I recommend.

  • AAA133 - Genuine!

    This case is great! I wanted to make sure it was the genuine speck instead of a knock-off and it seemed to be all good when I got it. Has special pores on the inside, like the speck case I once bought at the apple store. It protects INCREDIBLY WELL. I have dropped my phone many times and it has been fine. The only part that gets worn is the bottom of the case, right underneath the home button, so eventually it will need replacement. But with heavy every-day use, it will last at least a year!

  • pheelyne - decent

    a nice fine grade scrub that makes my skin feel soft after use. I have cystic acne, so I had no high hopes that this would help that greatly, but it definitely has a spa quality to it.

  • cleverusername - Great little blaster

    A good gun, helps me defend myself from assaults from the other side of the office. Shoots pretty much all types of nerf darts. I've noticed that the bottom barrel tends to shoot the furthest, but all barrels will make it past 30 feet without a problem with all types of darts.

  • Chantel - Have to have patience and be consistent for total results

    Well I can tell that my butt area was getting a little firm and fuller. But I wasn't consistent with the use, so my result wasn't visible to the eyes. Maybe if I kept the routine that I was doing then the result would have been permanent.

  • millipede - Pleasant Surprise Converting from XP

    After miserably difficult and ultimately futile efforts to migrate a large number of automated applications in Office XP to Windows 7 and Office 2007, I was advised by an expert to skip Office 2007 and work with Office 2010. To be sure, VBA code needs new library references, file extensions have to be converted, and some other adjustments must be made. That being done, though, I was able to convert many large, complicated Office XP applications to Office 2010, which now run smoothly and faster on Windows 7.