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ceset.pk - CESET - Centre for Emerging Sciences, Engineering & Technology | HEC recognized University | Islamabad | Pakistan - View ceset.pk - The Centre for Emerging Sciences, Engineering & Technology is a National Project of Science & Engineering Trust (SET). The Centre is established in 2011 with a mission to create knowledge economy in special reference to the national needs. The vision of the Centre is focused on Human Resource Devel

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  • Brad Ledford - Not very good

    I live in an apt in the suburbs of a mid sized town. I tried pointing the antenna in all directions and all I got was pixelated channels at best.

  • Susan - May have saved my life

    For about 35 years, I lived life as a semi-invalid with asthma and COPD so severe I had to park near a shopping cart so that I could walk into the store. I was always researching and trying everything I could ind, but nothing worked. I accidently ran across Serrapeptase while looking for something else; I fully expected that it would not work either. I took it for months and didn't notice any much difference in lung function. One day I noticed that a large painful lump of scar tissue from ligament surgery on my thumb was half the size (it is now completely gone). I might have quit taking it if it were not for that. I continued taking it and now I can walk the dogs, climb stairs, go to malls with friends, go to flea markets and art festivals for the first time in more than 3 decades. I had a life time of scar tissue buildup and it took some time for these little enzymes to get rid of it. I read the negative reviews and I saw some that blamed it on problems that continued long after they quit taking it. This is a living enzyme that only stays alive in your body for about 16 hours, and then it is gone until you take your next dose. I also notice that some people quit taking it before it might have had time to work. If it were not for seeing scar tissue I had for over a decade shrink, I would have been one of those people. Also, I had ankle pain for about 3 decades and that is gone. This may have saved my life, as spending 3 decades like the lady in the commercial with the elephant sitting on her chest is a tremendous strain on your body. I am now 68 and have more energy than when I was 30. Don’t get me wrong, I still have COPD, but it continues to improve and my life is so much easier; I’ve been having fun.

  • karyn - sucks

    I tried it did not work was a big waste of money . And then trying to cancel was a tug of war, but did manage to cancel it.

  • Kristina Kingsley - Love this product and my hair has definitely grown (which ...

    Love this product and my hair has definitely grown (which it never does) a few inches over the last few months I've been using it