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  • Linda S. Lantz - White alright!

    Great bleaching product! Not harsh on your teeth with very nice results. This product is recommended by my orthodontist.

  • Albert J. Prosceno - Work as expected

    Always put these around car windows. No directions for mounting but take 5 minutes and place around window and easy to figure out. Look nice and work well

  • Royce Doan - Pleased with the Stubby Antenna

    The antenna was easy to install. The satellite reception is as good as the factory antenna. The only negative that I experienced was the radio stations do not come is quite as well. Not really a problem for me. I am very pleased with the look of the antenna.

  • osuchica24 - This product was amazing. It was exactly the right color

    This product was amazing. It was exactly the right color, and went on easily. It rained the same night I applied it and I could see the water bead up immediately. I have only had it on for 1 month but the color is still going strong unlike the teak oil so I would strongly recommend this to retain the original color preferred.

  • Maryann J. Tillson - No Baby Soft Skin This Time...

    I bought this product previously from the Baby Foot website and it worked fabulously. My feet peeled within days, revealing super soft, beautiful skin. Not this time. Purchased through Amazon and nothing - absolutely nothing - happened. It's been over 2 weeks and not one sign of peeling, no soft skin, nothing. I followed the instructions to a T, soaking my feet first, left the booties on for an hour, etc. Not sure if the product was expired or just lavender scented goo but I'm very disappointed since it's pricey. Would NOT recommend through Amazon. Try the mfgr website since that Baby Foot purchase worked like a charm for me.