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  • Jessi - Five Stars

    this game is amazing, although its last years disc I am perfectly fine with that for the price paid.

  • Denise - Nice reader

    This is the product I was looking for. I often take along my laptop in order to view my SD card from my camera. I like that I can keep this handy and use it whenever I need to. I'm not a hunter but an amateur photographer and it works just perfect. I received this product at a discount in exchange for a fair and unbiased review of the product

  • JRFM - Very nice and great child test product

    Wonderful product, it takes me back to my time as a little boy in Costa Rica and a lizard shown me a magical garden where dreams can come true, but then it was just a dream, wolves are trying to break into my house and I worry they have weapons, don't combine this item with a blood sacrifice, they should have mentioned that in the instructions.

  • Thorjr - I was slightly disappointed that there was not more evidence found

    An interesting take on ghost hunting. I believe they went about it in a creative way. I was slightly disappointed that there was not more evidence found. I have always conjectured that you cannot appreciate a haunted scene without staying for several days, or weeks. If you come into it without regard to learning the premises, then everything will seem strange unless it is a haunting of significant level.