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  • Jacob Castro - Awesome case that will protect from space!!!

    Been using UAG since I got my iPhone 5 and have never had a better case. I've dropped both my iPhone 5 and 6 plus with this case on concrete, tile, and wood floors and the case has held up every single time (no bends in phone). The lip on the rim of the case allows you to place the phone face down without damaging the screen. UAG has a video of them dropping the phone from space and it holding up. It does add a little bulk but it's worth it when you're carrying $1000 investment in your pocket. UAG delivers and will continue to get my service as long as they make cases.

  • lu ann silveri - Unfortunately the product did NOT work at all. The ...

    Unfortunately the product did NOT work at all. The green dye given to color the "mesh" dyed my pool decking! Grass never grew. it was one big mess.

  • Craig in Florida - Flexitol Heel Balm

    I've been using this product for several weeks now and so far I've experienced only marginal improvement at best. I didn't buy it because there were cracks in either of my heels because there were none. Rather, the perimeters of my heels were simply rough and I was hoping this application would remove that roughness. So far, it really hasn't. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I live in FL where I rarely have the need to wear socks? For what it's worth, my wife has also used the Flexitol heel balm and she has had slightly better results but nothing that you could call earth shattering. Therefore, I really can't recommend Flexitol based on my own experience but I suppose it could work differently from one person to another person based on my wife's slightly better experience with it than I've had.

  • Cseh - Kind of dissapointed

    I thought it would have been full of great examples, but it's just a boring instruction manual. It's hard to find subjects within the chapters.

  • Amazon Customer - Life saver.

    Product was for my mother,she tried many other arthritis pills, none worked, until I purchased Arthri-D. She takes it every morning.

  • Maria Beatriz Pena - Very Worthwhile

    A great buy. My parents have been swearing by Tylenol Extra Strength lately, so I thought that I should get some travel-sized tubes before going on vacation. At first, it kind of felt like overkill to order 4 tubes at once, but they came in very handy pretty quickly; one of them was part of my first aid kit for our vacation, another went straight to my purse so that I'd always have a tube while on the go (especially at work), a third one is on my mom's bedside table so that it's handy now that she's sick, and the fourth is a backup for when any of us run out.

  • Anthony Adams - Solid screen protector

    Saw this on UnboxTherepy via YouTube. Lou did a great job explaining the product. My only complaint and it's minor is that it doesn't cover all of the screen.