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Zofran Lawsuit Guide | Get the Money You're Owed - We provide free assistance and guidance to families interested in filing a Zofran lawsuit. Our legal experts will get you the compensation you're owed.

  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/contact-us/ Contact Us - Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Our Zofran legal experts are happy to help answer any questions you have. Fill out our contact form and we'll get right back to you!
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-heart-defects/ Zofran and Heart Defects | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Unborn infants exposed to Zofran have a heightened risk of developing heart defects and abnormalities.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-heart-defects/atrial-septal-defect/ Zofran and Atrial Septal Defect | Hole in the Heart - An atrial septal defect, or hole in the heart, may be associated with women taking Zofran while pregnant.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-heart-defects/tetralogy-of-fallot-heart-defects/ Tetralogy of Fallot Heart Defects | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Tetralogy of Fallot is a serious birth defect. Studies indicate taking Zofran while pregnant may heighten the risk of infants developing it.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-heart-defects/ventricular-septal-defect/ Zofran and Ventricular Septal Defect | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Ventricular septal defect is a congenital heart defect associated with women who took Zofran while pregnant. 
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-heart-defects/aortic-valve-insufficiency/ Zofran and Aortic Valve Insufficiency | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Aortic Valve Insufficiency is a heart deficiency that may be associated with pregnant women taking Zofran.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-heart-defects/bicuspid-aortic-valve/ Zofran and Bicuspid Aortic Valve Heart Defects | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - A bicuspid aortic valve only has two leaflets, instead of three, and may be associated with taking Zofran while pregnant.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-heart-defects/pulmonary-atresia/ Zofran and Pulmonary Atresia | Zofran Lawsuit Guide  - Pulmonary Atresia is a life-threatening birth defect that's been associated with women taking Zofran while pregnant. 
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-heart-defects/cardiomyopathy/ Zofran and Cardiomyopathy Heart Defects | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Cardiomyopathy is a severe heart defect that can be fatal if not detected and treated early. Taking Zofran while pregnant may be linked to cardiomyopathy.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-heart-defects/coarctation-of-the-aorta/ Zofran and Coarctation of the Aorta Heart Defects | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Coarctation of the aorta occurs when the aorta narrows, causing blood flow restriction. Taking Zofran while pregnant increases the risk of COA.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-heart-defects/infant-heart-murmurs/ Zofran and Infant Heart Murmurs | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Infant heart murmurs are usually innocent, but taking certain medications while pregnant increases the risks of infants developing abnormal heart murmurs.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/ Zofran and Birth Defects | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Zofran has been promoted for off-label use for morning use, which increases the risk of having an infant with birth defects.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/cleft-lip-cleft-palate/ Zofran and Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate - Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Cleft lip and cleft palate are common birth defects that can be caused by numerous factors, including Zofran use while pregnant.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/amniotic-band-syndrome/ Zofran and Amniotic Band Syndrome | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Amniotic Band Syndrome can cause an infant's limbs to entangle in a part of the placenta, which can result in severe birth defects. 
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/cleft-alveolus/ Zofran and Cleft Alveolus | Zofran Lawsuit Guide  - Cleft Alveolus, a birth defect that's been linked to taking Zofran during pregnancy, occurs when the palate of the upper mouth is missing. 
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/fetal-growth-restriction/ Zofran and Fetal Growth Restriction | Developmental Delays - Women who take Zofran while pregnant are at risk of having babies with fetal growth restriction, along with numerous other birth defects.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/musculoskeletal/ Zofran and Musculoskeletal Birth Defects | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Musculoskeletal birth defects are one of the many types of birth defects associated with taking Zofran while pregnant.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/craniofacial/ Zofran and Craniofacial Birth Defects | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Craniofacial birth defects are facial abnormalities that usually require surgery. Zofran use while pregnant heightens the risk of infants developing it.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/craniosynostosis/ Zofran and Craniosynostosis | Cranial Deformation - Craniosynostosis occurs when an infant's skull joint forms prematurely. It's been associated with Zofran use while pregnant.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/kidney-defects/ Zofran and Kidney Defects | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Zofran use by pregnant women has been associated with kidney birth defects, among numerous other types of birth defects.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/hearing-vision-problems/ Zofran and Hearing and Vision Problems | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Hearing and vision loss are among the numerous birth problems that have been associated with pregnant women taking Zofran.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/abdominal-defects/ Zofran and Abdominal Defects | Omphalocele and Gastroschisis - Abdominal defects can be life-threatening to infants, and may develop after pregnant women take Zofran.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/cerebral-palsy/ Zofran and Cerebral Palsy | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Zofran has been linked to severe birth defects that increases the risk of infants developing cerebral palsy.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/clubfoot/ Zofran and Clubfoot and Club Hand | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Clubfoot is among one the numerous birth defects associated with Zofran, when used by pregnant women.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/hypospadias/ Zofran and Hypospadias | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Hypospadias is one of the many birth defects associated with taking Zofran while pregnant.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/jaundice/ Zofran and Jaundice | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Jaundice can be caused by several different things, including mothers who took Zofran while pregnant.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/infant-seizures/ Zofran and Infant Seizures | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Along with numerous birth defects, infant seizures are another risk when mothers take Zofran while pregnant.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/pphn/ Zofran and Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn (PPHN) | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - PPHN is a life-threatening condition that surfaces after birth. Studies indicates taking Zofran while pregnant increases the risk of developing PPHN.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/zofran-and-limb-reduction/ Zofran and Limb Reduction | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Limb reduction is a serious birth defect that may possibly be associated with pregnant women taking Zofran.
  • http://www.zofranlawsuitguide.com/zofran-birth-defects/spina-bifida/ Zofran and Spina Bifida | Zofran Lawsuit Guide - Spina bifida can be a life-threatening birth defect depending on its severity, and may be linked to taking Zofran while pregnant.

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