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Zia Neurology Bowling Green Kentucky | Neurological Testing | Pain Management - At Zia Neurology in Boiling Green KY, we specialize in diagnostics, treatment, and pain management of neurological disorders that may affect the patient’s brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles.

  • http://www.zianeurology.com/about Zia Neurology Bowling Green Kentucky | Neurological Testing | Neurological Disorder Treatment - Dr. Zia is one of only a handful of neurologists in the U.S. trained in this highly specific area of expertise, specializing in Autonomic Nervous System Testing (ANS). Dr. Zia has been helping patients receive the neurological care and pain management they need for more than a decade.
  • http://www.zianeurology.com/services/electromyography_-_emg Zia Neurology Bowling Green KY | Neurological Testing | Electromyography — EMG - Zia Neurology specializes in Electromyography — EMG testing in Bowling Green KY. EMG testing can reveal muscle dysfunction, nerve dysfunction or a breakdown in communication between the nerves and muscles.
  • http://www.zianeurology.com/services/electroencephalogram_-_eeg Zia Neurology Bowling Green Kentucky | Neurological Testing | Electroencephalogram - EEG - Dr. Zia specializes in EEG testing, EEG is the primary diagnostic test for Epilepsy and other seizure disorders, as well as a means to detect brain disorders. It does not measure intelligence or detect mental illness.
  • http://www.zianeurology.com/services/autonomic_nervous_system_testing_-_ans Zia Neurology Bowling Green KY | Neurological testing - Zia Neurology provides Reliable neurological testing in a comfortable environment. We Specialize in Autonomic Nervous System Testing - ANS.
  • http://www.zianeurology.com/location Zia Neurology Bowling Green Kentucky | Neurological Testing | Pain Management - At Zia Neurology, we specialize in diagnostics, treatment, and pain management of neurological disorders that may affect the patient’s brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. Symptoms may include headaches, seizures, dizziness, memory loss, and back pain.

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  • Simone C. - Ugh, why did I EVER pluck my eyebrows?!

    Ugh, why did I ever pluck my eyebrows?! These are absolutely what everyone, who needs/wants to groom his or her eyebrows, should be using. They're quick, precise, and don't damage your hair follicles. Highly recommended.

  • Panacat - Doesn't work for everybody

    I bought this from a friend who has gotten into the Jeunesse distributor business. The reason I'm writing a review here is because I always check Amazon reviews before buying something, so I hope my review will help someone else. I've done some research on the product and I can't find anything contrary to what the company says, that this is based on findings from scientific research on stem cells. The marketing materials include testimonials from doctors that seem to exist and to be associated with this research. I haven't looked up their actual publications, though. In any case, one study carried out and published by Jeunesse indicated that, from about 86 women tested, this product did not work for about 20% of them. I seem to be in this category. I have been using the serum for over a month, day and night, without fail. I have even increased the amount I apply to my face, neck and decolletage, in case I wasn't using enough the first two weeks. I am a young-looking (according to friends and acquaintances), 41-year-old, East Indian female. I have decent skin, but over the years I have developed small wrinkles around my eyes and mouth, faded sun spots and acne scars, and my neck and chest also have fine wrinkles. I have been evaluating about three separate "problem" areas to see if there has been any change, and I do not see any. Furthermore, no one I interact with has said that I look "different" or that my skin is glowing, whereas when I did botox injections between my eyebrows, the reaction was immediate from friends and family that I looked younger and well-rested (and they didn't know about the botox). So, although none of this is very scientific, that is my assessment of the serum: that it did not work for me and is not worth the cost compared to other products that I have used to keep my skin healthy and young-looking. In my opinion, eating healthy, exercising and drinking lots of water, and hot yoga, has a better result on my skin than any product I have tried. This is based on the fact that when I was doing all of those things, that's when people would tell me how beautiful my skin was. So I'm trying to get back to that routine after falling into bad habits this last year, and it will probably cost a lot less than this serum. Hope this helps!

  • Betty A. - Works as described,

    Works as described, if it had a button to lock it so you don't accidentally hit the on button and water goes everywhere it would be perfect


    There is no telephone support offered for its products by The Neat Company. The offered email support is illusory. Repeated emails to Support elicit only automatic replies which are little more than an acknowledgement of receipt. The website and knowledge base are useless as they are not intuitive and offer no search function. The NeatWorks software will install on some Vista operating systems without a problem and fail on other Vista operating system. With the failures you are out of luck because there is no support.

  • Joe Kile - Found it and happy!

    A family member had originally received this particular Aveeno lotion with SPF from Canada from another relative. She had been using it religiously and had asked me if I could help her find the same bottle here in the US. I went to the local Walmart while I was doing some grocery shopping and found something similar but not exactly the same. Of course, I also headed here to Amazon and good to report....I found an exact match. Not only that, it was even cheaper than comparable Aveeno bottles I had researched earlier. It was a no brainer....ordered it right away. When it arrived, I gave it to her and she was very happy. A brand new bottle. She used it over the weekend and said it was just like her old one, which is a good thing. She only uses it on her face and said it moisturized her skin very well without the greasy sensation afterwards. Once she is done, I know where to look for more. She highly recommends this Aveeno product!

  • Cuspofcapricorn - It's about time!

    Finally, we have some solid material on fasting. I listen to all of Jimmy Moore's podcasts on the ketogenic way of eating and have really benefited but have hit a long plateau. Then, I got introduced to the wonderful Dr Fung through a dozen podcast interviews with various interviewers and his Obesity Code book. It's all about the insulin, man! We've been hoodwinked with all this calorie in, calorie out, low-fat nonsense and we're all paying the price. I think the thing to keep in mind is that these ancient tools and ways of eating (or not eating) are all very long-term solutions. No quick fixes here. Just enjoy the ride and keep at it. I've fasted before, but kind of felt out there on my own, like maybe I was doing something dangerous. Fung and Moore dispel all the myths and have put my mind at ease. Going forward, I feel I have a team behind me.

  • Bryan Martins - Great w/ limitations.

    It took me a while to figure out how to get it down to a true 0 cut. And now, a few months in, it will randomly seize on me. To fix it I usually smack it a few times but once it starts it's hard to keep it going smoothly again.