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  • Oren Ishii - What a LIFESAVER!!!

    My whole life I've stayed away from vitamin B because it made me hulk out. It made me irritable and lash out at people. Prenatal vitamins were THE WORST. Anyways I started getting some neuralgia and tingling in my hands and feet. I thought I was out of luck because whenever I searched "vitamin B makes me aggressive" I found very little or nothing. Then my aunt started talking about Methyl B and I couldn't wait to try it. I knew it would work! I knew my body couldn't absorb regular B. I trust Jarrow more than any other supplement company, I buy Jarrow everything! Well of course I was right and this is a LIFESAVER! I have more energy and feel more relaxed at the same time. I'm so glad that Amazon reviews led me to Jarrow! I also take Jarrow B right and I think everybody would benefit from it.

  • Ryster - Read this before installing...

    I purchased this to replace an expiring Norton Internet Security license. Initially, I attempted to install the McAfee product from the CD that was included in the package. The product installed, and then when it went to update it failed. I uninstalled the product and tried again. Same issue. Turns out the CD contains a build of version 11 that is known to have a corrupt McAfee Anti-virus engine. I uninstalled the product, ran the McAfee Product Removal tool from the McAfee site, and then tried to install again. This time I did a web-based installation instead of the CD based installation. That solved the problem. It pulled down version 12 from the web and is running perfectly so far.

  • Wayne - Quicken continues to add bugs

    If you're like me, you're purchasing Quicken because you used it in the past, and have so many transactions that you're pretty much stuck with it. I don't even know why you're reading this, you've got no choice but to buy it. I gave it one star, but I still bought it. When you do, here's what you're in for.

  • nick - Five Stars

    Fits great! I didn't really notice any loss in reception. Looks a lot better than the stock antenna.

  • mray85 - I passed CA SMOG soley because of 1 can of sea foam!!!

    I have a 92 dodge stealth es. I brought it to be smoged on Feb 9th, to my dismay, it failed, and pretty substantially. My HC were more than 6X average, CO 8X average, and NO was 4X average. While I have really enjoyed this car, I thought that we were going to part ways, it just didn't make sense to put $500+ into shop evaluations and repairs that may or may not fix the problem.