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  • Jackie2won - Worth it

    My initial review after two days was 5 stars. Then reality set in. Now, after charging the unit all night, it will not operate due to "low battery". Don't waste your money. Too bad, because they fit well and stay in your ears.

  • Susan Reichert - Light weight, but pretty nice

    We bought this for a house-warming gift. Henckels is a great name in cutlery - that's why we bought it. The only thing that surprised us was the light weight of the knives. They looked good - maybe they deserve a higher rating because weight doesn't mean quality. Recipient seemed to be very happy with them.

  • christina beesley - gets the job done

    I have arthritis and back problems and these work pretty well. I didn't realize how small they were though, so I had to put a few on at a time. This is a nice alternative to having to take NSAIDS everyday and burn a hole in my stomach.

  • Catherinee - Don't waste your time

    I have read a lot of vampire stories. I was looking for something new, with a little edge when I came across this one. The reviews were great so I got it. Ugh! Just what we need, another vampire with absolutely no balls! He is sensitive and disgusted by the creature that he is. He is instantly drawn to the protagonist and cannot harm her. My personal favorite is that despite the fact that he has been sleeping for 400 years he still says things like "I can't believe I just spilled my guts to you". I know its fiction, but can't you work a little harder? The protagonist is an annoying little girl who, when is about to be bit by a vampire, is more concerned with her back getting bruised by the wall she just got thrown into. They should have just killed her immediately. I made it half way through this book before I decided life was too short.

  • Nicole R. - Fantastic!

    Hands down the best monitor I've purchased in a long time. As a former IT Manager, I've bought a lot of monitors. The value was unmatched, and the quality is amazing. Its not "Oh its great for the price" its really a great monitor that I honestly thought I had to have paid more for.

  • HeatherA - This is as much a gift for us parents as ...

    This is as much a gift for us parents as it is the kids! The only problem we've found is that you don't have your own personal profile t to use each time. You have to use whatever dance card is the main person.