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  • TubeAmpsRule - It works

    I deliberately waited nine months after using this product before I reviewed it. I chose the Sylvania kit based on a recommendation from a "leading consumer magazine" *Wink *Wink . The restoration process takes a little over a half hour. The directions are simple and straightforward. Everything you need,even the tape to mask the surrounding paint is included. The results are quite good and restore your lenses to near new condition so long as you take the time to do the job correctly. Nine months later the lenses on my nine year old Mercedes E320 (notorious for yellowing over time) still look very clear. Clear headlamps have a significant impact on light output, it also made my car look almost new, a nice side benefit. Forget about the garbage they advertise on TV, that stuff does NOT work. The Sylvania kit clearly does (pun intended).

  • Linda M. - Excellent

    My husband uses this book like a Bible.Whenever a family member is going to buy this or that my husband has to look it up in his Consumers Reports book first.

  • barbara diaz - It works

    This product does work, proper exercise & eating habits controlled. Nothing is free & they charge you for the second month, if your not to lazy to call & Let them know that you don't want the product. They assume your happy like the rest of us. Say the truth before you embarrass your selves!

  • Tammy Gould - a little hard at first to navigate, does not ...

    a little hard at first to navigate , does not explain operations to you but if you play with it long enough you can figure it out.

  • kevin - A very capable camcorder at an excellent price!

    For those who still use camcorders as I do, this price on offer can't be beat. The operation of controls and set up are dead simple. The colour reproduction is excellent and start up time quite rapid. For a backup video recorder or for amateur use, this unit can't be beat. Get a large capacity SD chip to complete the package.

  • Gabby Girl - very disappointed. The first couple of times I used it

    Very, very disappointed. The first couple of times I used it, I thought it was doing a fair job, but from that point on, it seemed it had no effect at all. I changed batteries a couple of times thinking maybe the others were losing their power, but nothing gave it more power---and the pumice did little if anything after the second time I used it---am stunned that this has gotten good ratings by anyone---. Save your money and buy a 'Crystal Foot File' at Sally's---best tool I have ever used to smooth my feet--it is incredible---just wish I had found it first and save the $35 I spent on something I just have to throw in the garbage. Very disappointed.