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West Virginia Retailers Association - Founded nearly seventy years ago to protect the business interests of retailers throughout West Virginia.

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  • OneTreasure - To the Band

    Guys, if you are reading this please understand this comes from a place of love. This album is not the OneRepublic I know and love. I feel like the touring really got to the music. It totally lacks the depth I need from you, Ryan. I also was sad to hear the bad language in several songs, when you have never felt the need to use it before. If used well, it can enhance music, but the s-bombs, while tame, detracted from the songs. Your vocals are still spot on, but not one song moved me to tears or dancing (and there were several in each preceding album that did so). The b-sides for Waking Up were better than these songs. I do not care if you never tour again, just bring my soulful, depth-filled songs back. Remember, quality over quantity. I still love you. Always your fan, OneTreasure

  • J. Kim - Finally, something that works for me!

    I've been using this product for a little over a week now and I am noticing a huge difference in my Acne. Not only has it reduced the amount of white heads appearing on my face daily, but it is fading red marks remarkably well. I'm 27, so some acne products currently on the market don't work very well for me. It has been about 11 days since i've begun using this product and I have noticed a huge difference. I'd say the only issue I had at first was dry, flaky skin. It was pretty bad. I usually supplement other non-comodogenic lotion (CeraVe Lotion) + Jojoba oil after applying the lotion that is provided in this kit. Problem solved. I am looking forward to how my skin looks at the end of the month!

  • A.R. S. - very cool

    the best game / learning tool out their . more of a learning tool though not as much fun as shooting someone in the virtual face but at least you are learning a skill in which you can earn a living or even get laid ..... not a bad way to spend your time .

  • David J Delaney - Essential guide for writers

    Easy to read and easy to follow. There is a reason why so many writers use the elements of style and with a recommendation from Stephen King from 'On Writing' makes it a must have.