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Women with Epilepsy preconception and pregnancy advice - Home - Kim Morley, Epilepsy Specialist Midwife Practitioner provides holistic support and advice to women with epilepsy. She has expertise in the management of anti-epileptic drugs in preparing for pregnancy and beyond.

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  • Funky Winkerbean - Complete with zombie mini game!

    That's right, a zombie mini game! And it's really fun rail shooter, you kill zombies by playing the chords above their heads and get boss fights and cutscenes. You'd think a zombie game would be way out of place in a game like this but it works on so many levels. There are a bunch of other mini games as well. Pretty much all of them I've tried so far have been awesome.

  • Elizabeth O'Regan - Better than sitting and playing boring game.

    Daughter loves this! This is a fun way to exercise. Anyone can dance along with it. Fun to watch the kids dance. everyone that tries it, loves it.

  • Cinthia - Wonderful Brush!!

    I absolutely love this brush!!! This is my first brush of this kind that I have purchased and I absolutely love it. It is very elegant looking and it is also very light. I love how soft the brissels are. They feel like a soft pillow caressing your face. I apply some foundation to my face and just use the brush to blend it all in on my face. The results are amazing. I get a more even coverage then when I use my fingers. Who knew that using a brush does make a difference. The brush it self is a very good size brush. I truly recommend buying this brush. I wanted to show some pics of the product but for some reason it doesn't give me the option. I am using my phone to do this review. If I do get a chance and figure this out I will update my review and show pictures. Back to the product it comes in a nice box very well packaged. I did receive this product on time and I had no need to contact the seller. Please if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I hope my review helps you out and makes you buy this product.