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Home - The Wilson Disease Association (WDA) is a volunteer organization striving to promote the well being of patients with Wilson disease and their families and friends.

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  • robert kawa - Hallmark card studio

    Out of all the desktop publishing programs I seem to go back to my old standby Hallmark.So easy to use and such beautiful, heartfelt cards that you may edit also to fit your needs. Robert Kawa Shawano Wisconsin

  • sueh - Cleans well, but clunky and heavy and the sweep function is useless

    Fantastic steamer, but the sweep function is entirely useless and makes more of a mess than anything. The additional sweep function adds a lot of weight which makes the cleaner really difficult to maneuver. Also, there is no dedicated ON switch for the steam function, so you have to hold down a button on the handle the entire time as you steam your floors. This inconvenience was fine at first, but after a few times, it gets old...and tiring on the finger. Of course I could simply fasten a rubber band around the button to clasp it down, but that shouldn't be necessary if the device was more intelligently designed. I would not purchase again or recommend to anyone--I always recommend steam cleaners for anyone looking for a effective and efficient way to clean their floors, but I always warn them to stay away from this specific model. I'll probably eventually resell this cleaner on craigslist and buy a Haan.

  • Elle S - Another great Mom's helper product

    Keep a can of this in the RV since I never know what spill, dirt, etc., might find its way onto the cushions around the table and/or side sofas when we are out RV'ing. So far it has been able to remove everything from strawberry juice to melted chocolate with ease. A real Mom's helper. Can recommend.

  • C. L. McL - Excellent product. Great protection for your vehicle.

    Excellent product. They are easy to clean and I love how they have the added protection up the sides for spills and dirt. Very happy with this purchase.

  • J. Otto - Mostly good advice

    Limiting sugar is good. Keeping carbs to low-glycemic sources is good. Giving the impression that otherwise you can eat what you want is bad. As far as losing weight, it might be true. After all, the Adkins Diet does work. But its not at all healthy to eat nothing but fat and protein. That's not what this book advocates but it does recommend some things that are nutrtionally ill-advised. Just because something is low-carb or sugar-free and won't contribute to weight gain doesn't make it a smart thing to eat.