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New Jersey LASIK | Wills Laser Vision of Princeton - Wills Laser Vision offers some of New Jersey's top technology and top physicians for laser eye surgery. Where your eyes are concerned, go for the best.

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  • Kindle Customer - Great for people who read a lot

    I struggle to read immediately after using some eye drops. I also notice that my eyes are tired while reading. I like these eye drops because I can read right after using them.

  • Ferris - Grass trimmer and edger

    We'll I finally used this grass trimmer this weekend and I have to admit it wasn't that easy getting used to it. It really works fine but the wheels that comes with it don't stay on when you are able to use them when using it as a lawn mower. They just fall off. That is aggravating. I've looked to see if I'm not locking them on properly and they still fall off. Other than that just getting used to the angles and all work ok. The battery last up to an hour. I need to get another battery just to finish all what I needed to do. So there you have it.

  • Amazon Customer - Great at charging the Guide 10 battery pack

    I've taken it on a few extended camping trips, and It can charge AA and AAA batteries without a problem. Generally took around 4-6 hours in direct sunlight to charge the battery pack. I could charge my kindle Fire HD through the guide 10 plus pack, but the Nomad 7 alone does not seem to kick out enough juice to charge it directly. I would recommend charging a phone the same way. To get the most use out of it, I would recommend bringing extra AA batteries and charging them during sunny days. Then use the battery pack to recharge your devices. I was able to keep my kindle, Steripen, flashlight,GPS and camera up and running for over 6 days of heavy use.

  • Dave G - Just as advertised

    I ordered this wall mount for my 42" LG tv. I needed a mount that could lay flat against the wall and articulate 90 degrees. The wall mount is very sturdy and well made. I was able to mount it to a single stud without any issue. The mounting screws included in the package worked great and my tv feels nice and secure. I am no more handy than the average guy, so I think this should be easy enough for anyone to install. The only con is that the TV does not lay flush against the wall (about 3-4 inches off the wall), but I think this is impossible with a mount that has an articulating arm.

  • Justice Robles - Very good

    The laptop was everything I was hoping for and more. It got here ahead of time which is a first. The boxing leaved a little to be desired but the laptop had no damage and was pristine. Great low budget laptop.