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  • Michelle Rodriguez - These gummies work and taste great

    I love this product. I found out about this from my sister-in-law, when her kids were sick and we were visiting. We didn't really think much of it until I started to feel sick a few days later. Picked up a bottle and we took (probably more than) the recommended dose, I felt much better the next morning and my husband didn't even get sick. I have gotten sick far less often since we started keeping these vitamins in stock, and I had gotten used to getting sick at least three or four times a year -- I'm down to once or twice, and it doesn't last more than half a day (and usually only happens because I didn't know someone was sick, so I wasn't taking the gummies every day).

  • Robert J. Boyd - Rust-Oleum Restore

    I purchased 3 gal. for my boat dock last fall. This spring it is peeling off. What a mess. I would never use it again.

  • John - I have doubts about glucosamine + chondroitin

    Put it this way, I have joint pain, and I take glucosamine and chondroitin for the pain. But I have my doubts about them, too, especially with regard to the claim that they "rebuild cartilage" (note: I am not a doctor, and I am just a layperson and reader of average knowledge, who has done some reading on this).

  • Emily - The best!

    Works really well. Was recommended by a friend who works in a daycare; all of the moms who are dealing with bad diaper rash swear by this product-- it's the one that actually works where other products have failed. The price here is better than in stores.

  • Olivia Dodd - 34 Years and still the best knives ever! Worth the money!

    I have the complete set, plus the set of 8 steak knives with the rounds ends. I still love them! I have had mine for about 34-35 years now. I have never sent them in to be sharpened because they work great. I love to cook and do a lot of it! My husband works out of the house and my son has been home-schooled for the last 5 years so I cook all the time. We also have a set of Chicago Cutlery because my husband had a set before we were married, and I have to sharpen those knives almost every time I use them. I am also concerned about bacteria in their wooden handles. I don't have to worry about with those issues with my Cutco. They go in the dishwasher, no problem. I have to be so careful with the other set because of the wooden handles--no dishwasher for those. I don't like the Chicago Cutlery knives very much. But as I said, I LOVE MY CUTCO! I have sometimes left a knife in water for a day or two, if I am sick or just exhausted and get behind on my kitchen chores, but they don't rust! I also have never had a staining issue. Are the knives expensive? Yes, but you get what you pay for. ...over 30 years and still going strong! I only wish they had the white handles when I bought them. If I had one suggestion for Cutco, it would be to let more people know about your great product!

  • LadyXaos - All my plants love it!

    I bought the 600W and the 1000W and my plants love it! My girls started growing like crazy after I switched to these. Not only are they doing well, but my peppermint plant that I thought was lost, got healthy and big as well as my jalapeno plant. Even my aloe plants are doing well with it. I saw an immediate difference in my electric bill it dropped by over $60.00 with just a few weeks of use. I just bought a second 1000W because of the success I have had so far with the first two I got.