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  • Anne M. Crawford - I love, love, love this product

    I was introduce to this product when visiting a mall in Tallahassee Florida. The woman charged some major bucks for the other products that I bought - eye serum, moisture, body salts, body moisturizer and hand cream. This stuff really works and cleans the pores of the skin really well. You can see it working. It's not harsh and smells good. I do not recommend this product for elderly people with thin skin and on heart medication.

  • Amazon Customer - If I can pass so can you!

    Hello, If you are reading this you prolly are freaking out about taking a hair test! Hopefully you are not smoking a blunt while reading, if you are finish and dont smoke again until after you pass you hair test!

  • James Kelly - An awesome collection

    Our book club has made the annual Best American Essays a tradition for the January read and it always starts off the New Year well. This year's entry, edited by Cheryl Strayed, focuses a lot on family issues, particularly mothers and motherhood. Beautiful writing and insight. Highly recommended.

  • Tara Joyce - Worked great to increase supply

    Worked great to increase supply; however, you must slowly ween off. Do not stop taking abruptly or it may decrease your supply quickly. Also, I found it made my babe gassy.

  • Christy K - I need to pay better attention!

    For some reason I thought the picture online had the hair like in the movie. When I opened my Wilson and saw he was just a regular volleyball with Wilson's face painted on I was incredibly disappointed. I was going to complain because I thought I'd gotten something different from what he photo showed, but when I went back online and looked more carefully I saw that the lines at the top of the face were what I'd been seeing and thinking was the glued on "hair." My bad. I love Wilson anyway and after all, the movie was made a long time ago, so who's to say Wilson wouldn't have gone bald by now anyway?!? A great collector's item and perfect companion for someone who lives alone.

  • Amazon Customer - Someone told me how much better the grind can be with a burr grinder for ...

    We had another coffee grinder--used it all the time. Someone told me how much better the grind can be with a burr grinder for French press coffee. They were right! The grounds are perfect every time! No whole beans or chunks of beans leftover. Love it!

  • Anna Laura Craft - The most amazing brush with the softest feel you will ever use.

    I recently just found out about these oval shaped makeup brushes. They kind of resembled toothbrushes upon first glance but a few high end makeup companies where coming out with them and so many people where raving about them I decided to try it. I have to say hands down this is my favorite makeup brush of all time! It feels like soft velvet gliding across your skin and it make blending a breeze. The finish of your makeup after using this brush is as if you had been air brushed. Plus, it's a really pretty brush too. It has a black plastic handle and the stem and back of the brush has a shiny coppery finish. It's really easy to use. I apply the makeup to my skin first and then just blend it out with this brush and it's so large and densely packed it really does well with coverage. I know several ladies in my group of friends and family who would love this brush. I did receive this brush at a discounted rate in order to give a fair and honest review which I have. I can honestly say though that this brush is amazing and I love it. I am sure you will as well.