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  • Amazon Customer - Like everyone else

    Like everyone else, I was contemplating buying either this ball, and the molten flistatec one. Since many of our men's volleyball players had the Flistatec one, and I was still on the fence between the two, I thought I'd add a bit more diversity into the ball choices.

  • Diana L. Woodside - Good book if you understand a lot of the technical terminology already. For a beginner this is way too over the top

    Just a little too techy in its information for me. I ended up signing up for a class at our local community college after all. Didn't want to spend the extra money, but the book is not clear cut for those not understanding some of the computer lingo within the instructions.


    Love this vacuum, but there is a BIG issue that the manual that comes with this unit does not mention! DO NOT STORE THE BATTERY ON THE CHARGER! Maybe I should have known this, but not having any other appliances that run on this type of battery, I didn't. The bottom line is that after owning this for less than a year, I just discovered that I need to purchase another battery (at a cost of $62) before I can use this vacuum again. I called Hoover and was told that I ruined my original battery by storing it on the charger. The most annoying thing about this is that in going back over the manual, it says NO WHERE that this shouldn't be done and that is totally unacceptable in my opinion. I'm hoping my review will keep someone else from making the same mistake I did. When this vacuum works, it is EXCELLENT, but it is very irresponsible of Hoover not to point out how to properly recharge the battery.

  • kristie bento - This blows your mind in a cryptic and familiar hint of what we knew and forgot but better remember quick!

    I chose this rating because this is the first book to put all the hints together and show how it all fits. And it really makes sense. It's what you know but your over rational mind blurs it out to preserve your ignorance. Because as Satin says, Ignorance is bliss. (For a time)

  • MDGodfrey - Flood City

    UPDATE: Eventually GoPro contacted me and made things right. Apparently the person I was working with was a trainee and didn't handle things as they normally would. So they did replace my equipment. I have not been diving again yet but I assume things will go better in the future. I will do first dive with an empty case to be sure.

  • Amazon Customer - Great product for $$

    K bands met my expectations and the demo videos were on target. I use them for my own gains and for the kids I coach.