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Providing Compassionate and Individualized Care to the Puget Sound Community - Washington Urology Associates, PLLC - With state of the art equipment and facilities and 10 doctors on staff, Washington Urology Associates provides compassionate and individualized care to the Puget Sound community.

  • http://www.washingtonurologyassociates.com/Providers/ Our Providers - Washington Urology Associates, PLLC - Elizabeth A. Miller, MD;Thomas K. Takayama, MD;Kathryn Arendt, MD;Martin J. Wall, MD and Khanh N. Pham, MD
  • http://www.washingtonurologyassociates.com/Services/ Services - Washington Urology Associates, PLLC - We have locations in Kirkland and Bellevue, as well as state of the art Ambulatory Surgery Center. We address both simple and complex urological problems with time-tested techniques, the latest in minimally invasive procedures, as well as cutting edge robotic surgery.
  • http://www.washingtonurologyassociates.com/Resources/ Resources - Washington Urology Associates, PLLC - For our patients convenience, we have compiled a list of resources and links to information regarding urology and common urological disorders. Please note: all links on this page will open in a new window.
  • http://www.washingtonurologyassociates.com/Patients/Forms/ Patient Forms - Washington Urology Associates, PLLC - New Patients: Save time – complete your forms before you arrive for your appointment! You should bring a complete list of medications with you to your first appointment. If you have difficulty with any of the questions on any of the forms, fill out what you can, bring the form in with you, and we will help you complete it.
  • http://www.washingtonurologyassociates.com/Locations/ Hours and Locations - Washington Urology Associates, PLLC - Hours and Locations for Washington Urology Associates - Bellevue and Ambulatory Surgery Center and Washington Urology Associates
  • http://www.washingtonurologyassociates.com/Services/urogynecology/ Urogynecology - Washington Urology Associates, PLLC - Designated as Female Pelvic Medicine and Reproductive Surgery, the new board certification recognizes the special needs of female urology patients.
  • http://www.washingtonurologyassociates.com/Services/Pelleve/ Pelleve - Washington Urology Associates, PLLC - Pelleve is a revolutionary non-surgical procedure to safely treat facial wrinkles with virtually no pain and little downtime.
  • http://www.washingtonurologyassociates.com/Services/incontinence-treatment/pelvic-floor-therapy/ Pelvic Floor Therapy - Washington Urology Associates, PLLC - Pelvic conditions such as incontinence, constipation, or pain can have a significant impact on your life. Pelvic Floor Therapy may be your non-surgical treatment and cure.
  • http://www.washingtonurologyassociates.com/Services/Vasectomy/ Vasectomy - Washington Urology Associates, PLLC - A vasectomy is a procedure that makes a man permanently unable to get a woman pregnant. In most cases, vasectomy is performed in a Doctor's office setting under local anesthetic.
  • http://www.washingtonurologyassociates.com/Services/Incontinence/ Incontinence Solutions - Washington Urology Associates, PLLC - If incontinence interferes with your daily routine or quality of life, seek help promptly. Our experienced board certified urologists can recommend many various and the latest treatments to help you get back to your daily routine worry free.
  • http://www.washingtonurologyassociates.com/Services/Vasectomy/Reversals/ Vasectomy Reversal - Washington Urology Associates, PLLC - Sometimes after vasectomy has been performed, a man decides he would like to father another child. This can often be done by reversing the process of a vasectomy.
  • http://www.washingtonurologyassociates.com/Services/Erectile_Dysfunction/ Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options - Washington Urology Associates, PLLC - Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the lack of ability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for his sexual needs or the needs of his partner. Most men experience this at some point in their lives, usually by age 40.

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