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Violeta Gallego Vivián - Psicología clínica y Psicoterapia - Violeta Gallego, psicóloga clínica especialista en atención temprana y crianza. Referente en el ámbito educativo y clínico con bebés y sus padres-madres. Tiene su consulta en Bilbao.

  • http://www.violetagallego.com/quien-soy/ Quién soy - Violeta Gallego Vivián - Psicóloga clínica y Psicoterapia. Violeta Gallego es especialista en atención temprana y crianza de niños y niñas de 0-3 con más de 20 años de experiencia.
  • http://www.violetagallego.com/areas-de-atencion-psicologia/ Áreas de Atención - Violeta Gallego Vivián - Violeta Gallego Vivián especialista en Psicología Clínica, Psicoterapeuta Gestalt Infato-juvenil y Adultos.

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    City: -3.684 , Spain

  • stephen costa - Useful features removed, ugly interface, sometimes crashes

    I've just started using VS 2012, and so far have found it a major regression in appearance and ease of use.

  • Tina M. Cuevas - Love this gadget

    I already have the butt buster and now that I have two fat patches on my upper inside thighs I wanted to work on that strongly. I really can feel the burn..seeing little difference now but I have not used it long.

  • mmbroussard - I LOVE reading a book set in a different place

    I LOVE reading a book set in a different place. Add to that a romance I'm even happier. I love seeing different places and how people communicate. Seeing the different nicknames. The different lives.

  • Cleve - everything is perfect

    The length is just perfect. Not just good but exactly perfect. Also I won the lottery the next day. Not saying its the cable but I've never won anything before. Met a new girl and she's over to my place every night to admire the perfect cable if you know what I mean :) If your are poor, a virgin and living in your Moms basement then get this cable and get a life! I got the free Prime two day shipping.

  • Schwartz - Fun balloons!

    I purchased these balloons but the blue one did not work. So I emailed the seller. Not only did they credit me my money back, but they also sent me 2 new packs for my troubles. Excellent customer service. The balloons are a hit! The yellow one is very dim during the day or with any light. In the dark it is still pretty faint. The other colors really seem to glow well. Young kids cannot have these balloons because of the batteries (can cause death if swallowed), but they are great for older kids.

  • B. Frei - Requires HUGE suspension of disbelief, but fun to watch

    This is one of my guilty-pleasure movies. The plot is so outlandish and far-fetched it's comical in itself. But the special effects are dazzling, and the pace of the movie is fast and fun. I put this movie on in the background when I'm doing routine chores around the house.

  • Amazon Customer - Love my new lights

    I received them today and I totally love these lights. They come in a nice sized box and you have to assemble them which was pretty easy to do. They are super cute and they added a nice touch to my yard plus they provided lighting to the yard. They are so easy to use and to remove, so it won't be a problem if you install them and then decide to change the location. I would definitely recommend them for all.