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Vibra Hospital of West MA Rochdale | Vibra Healthcare - Vibra’s network of Acute Medical Rehabilitation Hospitals and Long Term Acute Care hospitals have top of the line technology and team-oriented healthcare.

  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/patient_guide.aspx Admissions | Patients | Appointments | Vibra Healthcare - Review our guide to patient admissions. Call us if you have any questions and make an appointment today to see the facility.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/patient_guide/personal_needs.aspx Personal Needs | Vibra Healthcare - All patients are encouraged to bring adaptive devices or equipment that they currently use, such as hearing aids, dentures, glasses, walkers and wheelchairs. They should be clearly marked for identification purposes. These items assist with orientation, independence and comfort during the patient stay.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/patient_guide/visiting_hours.aspx Visiting Hours | Vibra Healthcare - Regular visiting hours are designated from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, seven (7) days a week. Additional times can be arranged through the nursing supervisor with the physician’s approval.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/patient_guide/local_hotels.aspx Auburn Hotels | Visitors | Rochdale Hospital | Vibra Healthcare - Stay at La Quinta, Comfort Inn, Fairfield Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express, or Hampton Inn in Auburn, MA. Call us for more information on local amenities.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/patient_guide/restaurants.aspx Auburn Restaurants | Visitors | Worcester | Vibra Healthcare - Restaurants in Auburn, MA and Worcester, MA. Fast food, pizza, pubs, Asian, fine dining. Find a place to eat nearby while staying at Vibra.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/patient_guide/mission_statement.aspx Mission & Vision Statement | Future Goals | Vibra Healthcare - Vibra is committed to clinical service excellence and serving the healthcare needs of Rochdale, MA, Auburn, MA, Worcester, MA, and the surrounding area.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/patient_guide/privacy_practices.aspx Privacy Practices | Vibra Healthcare - This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/welcome_message.aspx Message From the CEO | Leadership | Vibra Healthcare - Our mission is to provide patient care with a fervent commitment to clinical service excellence, a culture that inspires teamwork and a passionate workforce.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/long-term_acute_care.aspx Long-Term Acute Care | Rehabilitation | Vibra Healthcare - Vibra has a nationwide network of transitional care hospitals unique in their ability to care for medically complex patients needing extended recovery time.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/long-term_acute_care/licenses_and_certifications.aspx Hospital Licenses & Certifications | Vibra Healthcare - Vibra is a transitional hospital and is licensed as an acute care facility or specialty hospital. The accrediting agency is the Joint Commission.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/long-term_acute_care/patient_services.aspx Patient Services | Vibra Healthcare - Vibra Hospital of Western Massachusetts Central Campus has a variety of patient services to offer.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/services.aspx Acute Care Services | Rehabilitation | Vibra Healthcare - Vibra excels at a full range of clinical services, including pulmonary, wound care, dialysis, ICU, IV antibiotic therapy, rehabilitation, and pain management.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/services/pulmonary_care.aspx Pulmonary Care | Breathing & Ventilators | Vibra Healthcare - Vibra helps patients requiring mechanical ventilator support with rehabilitation towards the goal of weaning patients from the ventilator.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/services/complex_wound_care.aspx Complex Wound Care | Emergency Injury | Vibra Healthcare - Our wound care team has wound care specialists, nurses, rehabilitative therapists, & nutritionists, focusing on restoring skin integrity & preventing skin complications.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/services/dialysis.aspx Dialysis & Kidney Failure | Auburn, MA | Vibra Healthcare - Vibra’s dialysis team helps patients with kidney failure by filtering their blood for impurities and maintaining chemical balances.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/services/icuspecial_care_units.aspx Intensive & Special Care Units | Acute Care | Vibra Healthcare - Vibra features ICU and special care units to provide the most cost-effective care for medically complex patients needing focused, specialized care.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/services/iv_antibioitic_therapy.aspx IV Antibioitic Therapy | Vibra Healthcare - Our interdisciplinary team provides IV antibiotic therapy for medically complex patients who require a consistent dosage of antibiotics to fight infection. We offer care for patients who are seriously ill with multiple medical problems, including those currently on IV medications in an acute care setting with daily physician intervention.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/services/rehabilitation_services.aspx Rehabilitation Services | Physical Therapy | Vibra Healthcare - Vibra and RehabCare provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy from highly skilled therapists to meet the needs of acute long-term care patients.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/services/pain_management.aspx Pain Management Treatments & Strategies | Vibra Healthcare - Many acute care patients have chronic pain. Vibra provides pain relief measures & strategies like physical therapy, relaxation techniques, & pain assessment.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/services/other_services.aspx Additional Acute Care Services | Hospitals | Vibra Healthcare - Vibra’s services include advanced nutritional care, brain injury, case management, diagnostic imaging, geriatric services, direct admission, & pulmonary rehab.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/newsrooms.aspx News & Events | Calendar | Community | Vibra Healthcare - Check back for updates about what is happening at Vibra Hospital of Western Massachusetts or to find out about community events in the Auburn, MA area.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/careers.aspx Career Opportunities | Auburn, MA Jobs | Vibra Healthcare - Find local and national jobs with the Vibra Hospital network. Search our database, create a profile, and submit an online application to work with Vibra.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/careers/why_work_for_us.aspx Why Work for Us? | Vibra Healthcare - There really is no number one reason to choose our hospital. If you ask ten of our employees why they chose to join our team, you are likely to get ten different answers.
  • http://www.vhwmasscentral.com/careers/benefits.aspx Employee Benefits & Insurance | 401k | Vibra Healthcare - Our competitive, comprehensive benefits make Vibra the leading healthcare employer in the Rochdale, Auburn, and Worcester, MA area. Apply today!

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